F.B.I. Reopens Email Investigation: Comey’s Hand Forced

ELDER PATRIOT – FBI Director James Comey is a dirty cop.  We documented the reasons for concluding that 11 days ago.  Former Federal Prosecutor Joe DiGenova laid out the case against Comey during a visit to Varney & Company:

Comey’s decision yesterday to reopen the investigation doesn’t change that.  Rather, yesterday’s actions by our nation’s top cop was made under pressure from the more than one hundred dedicated agents who had been charged with investigating Hillary Clinton’s emails and, the Wikileaks revelations.

The investigation, as limited as Comey demanded it to be, had still led agents to unanimously conclude that Mrs. Clinton should be immediately stripped of her security clearance.  The agents were also experienced enough to know that the only reason to destroy 33,000 emails were because they were far more damning than those that she had grudgingly turned over to the agency over a period of more than a year.

That brings us to the role Wikileaks is playing in Comey’s decision to reopen his agency’s investigation into Mrs. Clinton.  Each of the 21 Wikileaks’ dumps has been increasingly more damaging to Mrs. Clinton and Comey is afraid that the mother lode is coming that will leave his agency looking like bumbling fools.  It would be impossible for the director of the FBI to explain how a group of foreign hackers were able to turn up evidence that his agency couldn’t.

Doesn’t the FBI have the authority to subpoena the NSA for Mrs. Clinton’s missing emails?  Isn’t that why we built a massive infrastructure at an admitted annual cost of $52.6 Billion?  Many observers believe the NSA budget is significantly greater than that. 

All told, it is likely the Obama administration, with the blessings of the Republican Congress, has spent at least half a trillions dollars building on the already robust NSA infrastructure that George Bush left in place.  And, as Edward Snowden let us know, the majority of the spying done by the NSA is on Americans through their text messages, phone conversations and emails.

Since Mrs. Clinton’s emails originated from and were received on a private server the NSA must be in possession of her emails. 

It’s now become evident that Comey wasted the FBI’s resources by conducting an “investigation” that was designed to go sideways.  Comey never expected foreign hackers sitting in their underwear and drinking coffee were going to surface with the evidence that his vaunted agency “couldn’t” locate.  As each Wikileaks’ release has been made public the FBI has been made to look more and more incompetent.

Because of this Comey was threatened with the mass resignation of a major portion of the loyal career agents who had worked on the case and who love their country more than they do their jobs.  The agents flatly told Comey they were going to hold a press conference en masse prior to the election unless he reopened the investigation.

Comey used the sexting investigation currently being conducted into Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin’s pedophile husband to say new evidence had surfaced as his excuse to reopen the case.

This is too transparent to believe on its face.  Comey had been conducting a criminal investigation into a person who had been fourth in line to the presidency and his agents were uncovering a RICO racket on an order that had never before been seen.

Comey deliberately limited the investigation to Mrs. Clinton’s handling of the emails only – even that was serious enough for a felony conviction carrying a twenty-year sentence – rather than allow his agents to follow the investigation of the emails’ contents wherever it took his investigators as they would do in every other instance.

No competent and honest investigator would have given immunity to top Clinton confidantes Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin nor any of Mrs. Clinton’s IT staff.  Underlings in any organized crime investigation are always played off of one another with the promise of a better deal for the first to come forward.

Similarly, evidence is never destroyed as Comey ordered done in this case.  Evidence is marked and stored for future investigations if the need arises.

In the video below, former federal prosecutor for the U.S. Attorney’s Office Rudy Guiliani clearly lays out the case against Clinton and Comey with only the evidence known to be true as of yesterday:

As we continue to receive more Wikileaks the case will likely grow stronger and may spread to encompass even more people, corporate chieftains, and foreign governments. 

Comey had to stop this from happening before his agents went public this coming week.