Extreme Bias is Not a Reason to Shut Mueller Down. Deliberate Selection of a Corrupt Staff is!

Elder Patriot – It really shouldn’t matter that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s choice of FBI agent Peter Strzok to serve as his pit bull detests Donald Trump.  Strzok’s job is to find dirt on his target and any prejudice he brings with him that motivates him in that effort is beneficial to that effort.

The reason that Mueller’s choice of Peter Strzok should disqualify him from any further investigative authority was Strzok’s deliberate mishandling of the investigation into Hillary Clintons email scandal. 

It was obvious to everyone who paid attention that the FBI’s lead investigator in the Clinton case, Peter Strzok, had no intention of allowing any damning evidence to be left behind.

He oversaw the deletion of tens of thousands of emails by Clinton’s attorneys and then made sure that there was no chance anything was left behind that might later be discovered by authorizing the destruction of laptops, blackberries, and other devices that belonged to Hillary and her co-conspirators.

We can only conclude that Mueller had to have followed the Clinton email investigation.  After all, everyone else did.  And, Mueller had a direct line and a security clearance to discuss the events with his good friend, FBI Director James Comey, as they became known. 

Mueller knew exactly who Strzok was and he was well aware of the corrupt manner in which Strzok conducted the virtually aspect in navigating a path to Clinton’s exoneration.

It is in that light that we now view Mueller’s other selections.  We find that they all have one thing in common.  They either participated in Hillary’s corruption like Mueller did in shutting down the Uranium One investigation, were paid to defend her corruption in court like Jeannie Rhee, or, like Andrew Weisman, they have shown their willingness to break the law to achieve their prosecutorial goals.

Frankly, the team Mueller assembled looks more like a Clinton defense team than an objective investigative unit.  And we’ve been learning that this corruption isn’t limited to Mueller’s team but now includes at least three members of the Justice Department – Andrew McCabe ($500K payoff), Rod Rosenstein (Uranium One) and Bruce Ohr (collusion with Fusion GPS in planting the phony dossier) – who are similarly corrupted.

These people all have a right to their personal political views with any level of passion with which they hold them.  When they deliberately tank an investigation, alter and destroy evidence, and break laws they have stepped over the line into corruption.

Trump was right.  This is a witch-hunt.  It’s time to shut Mueller’s inquest down.

We’re glad to see that the Wall Street Journal editorial board today agreed with us:

“The latest news supports our view that Mr. Mueller is too conflicted to investigate the FBI and should step down in favor of someone more credible.  The investigation would surely continue, though perhaps with someone who doesn’t think his job includes protecting the FBI and Mr. Comey from answering questions about their role in the 2016 election.”

Americans deserve better from their government.