Extortionists Descend on G-20 Summit

ELDER PATRIOT – Shopkeepers in Hamburg are charging that members of the left-wing extremist groups “protesting” the G-20 Summit are really extortionist thugs. 

For 20 euros the communist thugs are providing shopkeepers with a poster they can hang in their windows that identifies them as supporting the violent demonstrations.

In other words, demonstrators are willing to pay 20 euros for photo ops that they can use as propaganda later.

More troubling than a full Rose Bowl of communists is New York City’s Mayor Bill De Blasio’s intention to co-opt leadership of these miscreant losers. 

His blatant disregard for the expense of this trip is par for “let-them-eat-cake” Marxists like De Blasio.  After all, with all eyes on defending the town’s people and merchants from the violent protestors there’s no chance that any substantive meetings could be held between the NYC mayor and anyone in an official position either in the town or the national government.

That De Blasio would side with common street thugs comes as no surprise to those who have watched his governance of NYC.  His disrespect for his own police force – especially for those who had died in the line of duty – has earned the enmity of the Blue Brigade.

As well, the blind eye he has turned to his city’s burgeoning homeless problem is more suggestive of a third world Marxist nation than a city full of billionaires.

De Blasio skipped out on the funeral of a fallen police officer who was assassinated in the line of duty to be in Hamburg.  So, what possible reason could he have?

As disconcerting as it may be to consider, De Blasio is likely laying the groundwork for staging this form of massive protests in the United States as he turns his eye towards national office.

The anarchist Left is always moving forward thanks to B. Hussein Obama who diverted hundred of billions of tax dollars to hundreds of the radical Left’s various ant-American movements.

If De Blasio chooses to assume a leadership position with the “protestors” he may end up in violation of 18 U.S. Code § 953 – Private correspondence with foreign governments – commonly referred to as the Logan Act.

This is the way it begins.  And this is where Trump’s F.B.I. and Department of Justice has to put an end to it.