How Extensive Was Obama’s Conspiracy to Destroy Donald Trump? Shocking New Evidence

Elder Patriot – As damning evidence continues coming to light that Obama’s sycophants at the highest-levels of the FBI and the Department of Justice had been participants in trying to destroy Donald Trump the mainstream media matrix is parroting those inside government trying to limit the damage.

Yesterday, FBI Director Christopher Wray refused to give an inch in public testimony before Congress.  He was resolute in claiming that the agency he overseas does not suffer from a scintilla of political bias.  He said this with a straight face.

The mainstream media proceeded to castigate Republicans who dared question both agencies’ over their now obvious disregard for the rules of the FISA court – or, their deliberate obstruction in refusing to turn over evidence to the appropriate Congressional oversight committees that might prove the agencies’ wrongdoing.

Already 8 of the highest-ranking officials in both agencies have been removed, down-ranked, or who retired ahead of the hatchet.  Democrats and their media defenders would like to keep it right there.

Trump’s defenders – now the majority of American voters – know that eight corrupt members of the Obama administration, while egregious in its own right, does not a swamp make. 

They want more and now there’s reason to believe that there is more.  The judge who presided over President Trump’s first National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s guilty plea was named Rudolph Contreras.

Contreras was an Obama appointee.  He is also one of the eleven federal district court judges who sit on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court that issued the warrants to spy first on candidate Trump and then President Trump.

We don’t yet know whether Contreras granted any of the four FISA applications but the fact that he suddenly recused himself just days after accepting Flynn’s guilty plea is beginning to emanate with stench from the swamp.

This raises some serious questions about the judge’s involvement in this case:

  • If Contreras had a conflict of interest why did he wait until after the guilty plea to step aside?
  • Was Contreras’ recusal a pre-emptive move once he realized that his signature on the FISA warrant would expose his conflict in the Flynn case?

Making Contreras’ actions in the Flynn case even more suspicious was the decision by the judge who replaced him.

Judge Emmet G. Sullivan almost immediately ordered special counsel Robert Mueller to provide Flynn with any and all exculpatory evidence that was in his possession. 

Beyond that the judge ordered that any evidence Mueller was planning to withhold because he deemed it not material to the case or the guilty plea, must be presented to the court for Sullivan to decide whether to mandate its release.

Why would Sullivan, knowing Flynn had already pleaded guilty, and that he had already agreed to Mueller’s demand that he waive “the right to any further discovery or disclosures of information not already provided” — as well as forfeiting many other trial and appellate rights – essentially re-open the evidence file unless he believed Judge Contreras had improperly allowed Mueller to coerce Flynn’s guilty plea?

The media’s silence on this should scare every American.  Just as their silence was when the Obama administration had gotten similar warrants to spy on the Associate Press and Fox News’ James Rosen.

What is left to conclude when the media willingly ignores and accepts, even defends, the destruction of one of its own for daring to investigate and ask questions? 

This does make one thing blatantly obvious.  No member of the mainstream media matrix has plans on spewing anything but the party line – the Democrat party line – anytime in the future.

In their fealty to Obama and Clinton they have surrendered their integrity forever.

Judges, the media, where does it end?  Certainly not on the seventh floor of the FBI.

For the sake of our democracy, Drain this Swamp now or forever accept the lawlessness of the Obama administration as the new normal.