Exposed: Latino Activists Are Race Baiting Ignorant Shills For the Wealthy

ELDER PATRIOT – Last night Tucker Carlson did his usual masterful job of giving an activist enough rope to hang themselves.  Cristobal Alex of the Latino Victory Fund refused to answer Carlson’s questions and instead used his time to recite talking points. 

This is nothing new because liberals no longer have the facts on their side with which to win debates so they must revert to character defamation and bumper sticker memes to sway opinion through emotions.

Alex kept citing two independent truths that have no causal relationship.  When Carlson discussed how the law of supply and demand suppressed American workers’ wages because of the abundance of foreign workers willing to accept lower wages Alex kept insisting that since sanctuary cities have higher average incomes this proved the value of immigrant labor.

Really?  Once, one of the wealthiest regions in our nation was the Old South where slaves were forced to do the labor on plantations.  This is the modern equivalent only this time it isn’t just the white workers who have been replaced by imported labor but now blacks are being similarly displaced.

The Democrats’ embrace of Hispanics after fifty years of failing policies allegedly directed at helping blacks shows that blacks backed the wrong horse.  Now, Latino activists like Cristobal Alex are selling the same line of BS to their followers.  Alex may be considerably more well-spoken that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson but he’s selling the same road to subservience that they did.

This is a form of corporate subsidy and those still working are forced to pick up the tab. While corporations improve their bottom lines with cheap labor you not only suffer the loss of jobs but the remaining American workers pay higher taxes or watch the debt be increased to pay for the services needed by those who have been displaced.

This includes the costs of unemployment, welfare, food stamps, and other assistance programs.  Then there’s the increased costs associated with education, healthcare, policing, etc., that comes with a larger population.

As Carlson pointed out it is not racist to want immigration control for economic reasons:

“I don’t understand why if you disagree with someone on immigration policy that person has to be racist, to be committing ethnic cleansing.”