Exposed: CNN/ORC Poll Caught Using Slanted Methodologies

ELDER PATRIOT – Who would believe that CNN would order a rigged poll to bolster Hillary Clinton’s campaign?  And, really who could possibly think that the mainstream media would report the poll’s findings as gospel?  But, CNN did and the mainstream did, indeed, follow suit and is running with it.

There is not a single corporate-owned media outlet that hasn’t reported Mrs. Clinton has a 5-point lead based on the CNN poll.  So let’s take a look at the accuracy of this poll to determine if it is accurate.

This is taken directly from page 28 of the poll’s internals titled, Methodology:

“Among those likely voters, 37% described themselves as Democrats, 30% described themselves as Republicans and 33% described themselves as independents or members of another party. “

Whoa!  That’s a seven percent oversampling of Democrats, more than enough to hide Trump’s nationwide lead.  That, alone, should disqualify the poll’s findings, but there is more:

“Crosstabs on the following pages only include results for subgroups with enough unweighted cases to produce a sampling error of +/- 8.5 percentage points or less. Some subgroups represent too small a share of the national population to produce crosstabs with an acceptable sampling error. Interviews were conducted among these subgroups, but results for groups with a sampling error larger than +/-8.5 percentage points are not displayed and instead are denoted with “NA”.“

A poll that has a margin of error of 8.5 percentage points makes that poll meaningless.  What they are admitting is that Hillary may have 8.5% less support than they are reporting and that Trump may have 8.5% more support that the poll’s findings claim.

Under this scenario Trump could be winning by as much as 12 points.

Don’t listen to the mainstream corporate media.  They hate you.