EXPLOSIVE: Pattern of Deception Grows. DOJ and State Department Blocked Investigation of Russian-Backed Ukrainian Election Interference to Help Hillary Clinton

Elder Patriot|  The depth of Obama-era corruption was not washed away by the election of Donald Trump.  Not even close.

Many of those who conspired against Donald Trump and the American electorate, remain deeply entrenched within our institutions and their removal is blocked, both,  by laws governing the dismissal of federal employees and the desire of those above them to keep hidden their corrupt actions.

Investigative journalist John Solomon has broken yet another explosive story, this one about the role the Ukrainian government played in helping Hillary Clinton with her 2016 election efforts.

If this proves true, this would be quite the reversal from what we were told was the predicate put forth by the Obama administration and the corrupt officials he had in place at the CIA, the DOJ, the FBI, and the State Department.

That predicate, that they had evidence that “Russia attempted to interfere in the 2016 election,” was a lie.  But, the enormity of that lie justified the witch-hunt that continues to follow President Trump to this day.

According to Solomon writing in the Hill:

Ukrainian law enforcement officials believe they have evidence of wrongdoing by American Democrats and their allies in Kiev, ranging from 2016 election interference to obstructing criminal probes. But, they say, they’ve been thwarted in trying to get the Trump Justice Department to act.

Kostiantyn Kulyk, deputy head of the Prosecutor General’s International Legal Cooperation Department, told me he and other senior law enforcement officials tried unsuccessfully since last year to get visas from the U.S. Embassy in Kiev to deliver their evidence to Washington.

“We were supposed to share this information during a working trip to the United States,” Kulyk told me in a wide-ranging interview. “However, the [U.S.] ambassador blocked us from obtaining a visa. She didn’t explicitly deny our visa, but also didn’t give it to us.”

No surprise there.  The ambassador Kulyk was referring to is Marie L. Yovanovitch.  She was appointed to that position by the outgoing Manchurian President, Barack Obama, in August 2016.

Regardless of Yovanovitch’s stalling tactics, there’s nothing preventing FBI Director Christopher Wray from sending an investigator or two to meet with Kulyk if he were so inclined to do so.

You might recall that when the State Department wanted to entrap Donald Trump Jr. and other members of the Trump campaign they rescinded the ban on Russian honeypot Natalia Veselnitskaya so that she could travel to the U.S. and Trump Tower to entrap Don Jr.

That current Director Wray hasn’t made an effort in this regard, especially in light of the extreme efforts by high-ranking officials to conduct a treasonous coup against a duly elected president, one wonders how deep the corruption must run within the FBI and DOJ.

Is Wray worried that if the extent of the corruption infesting his bureau is exposed he’ll be left with nothing but a skeleton crew with which to conduct the important work that the FBI actually does do?

Or is he simply a product of this swamp and protecting his friends and himself?  Or, perhaps he fears becoming a target, himself.

Remember, Obama’s Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates had made wide areas of Justice Department oversight off limits to Inspector General Michael Horowitz during her tenure.

After President Trump was inaugurated he fired Yates.  Once Horowitz was finally able to begin conducting oversight he felt it necessary to hire 500 investigators.  To put that in perspective, the recent Special Counsel employed 40 investigators.

That should tell you something about the enormity of the task Horowitz was/is facing.

What is it that the Department of Justice doesn’t want to hear from Kulyk?  Solomon answers that question:

One focus of Ukrainian investigators, Kulyk said, has been money spirited unlawfully out of Ukraine and moved to the United States by businessmen friendly to the prior, pro-Russia regime of Viktor Yanukovych.


Sworn statements from two Ukrainian officials admitting that their agency tried to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election in favor of Hillary Clinton. The effort included leaking an alleged ledger showing payments to then-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort;

Contacts between Democratic figures in Washington and Ukrainian officials that involved passing along dirt on Donald Trump;


Correspondence showing members of the State Department and U.S. Embassy in Kiev interfered or applied pressure in criminal cases on Ukrainian soil;
Disbursements of as much as $7 billion in Ukrainian funds that prosecutors believe may have been misappropriated or taken out of the country, including to the United States.


There is public-source information, in Ukraine and in the United States, that gives credence to some of what Ukrainian prosecutors allege.

A court in Ukraine formally concluded that law enforcement officials there illegally tried to intervene in the 2016 U.S. election by leaking documents of Manafort’s business dealings after he was named Trump’s campaign chairman. And a Ukrainian parliamentarian released a purported tape recording of a top Ukrainian law enforcement official bragging that he was responsible for the leak and was trying to help Clinton win.

Petro Poroshenko has been the president of Ukraine since 2014.  Poroshenko, a longtime Oligarch, chose to cultivate a “personally profitable business relationship with Russia” rather than defend and promote Ukrainian independence.

Except for the gross hypocrisy in the different way the DOJ/FBI handled alleged foreign interference on behalf of Clinton and Trump, none of this should be surprising.

It’s been up to private watchdog group, Judicial Watch, to expose the massive amounts of evidence of Clinton and Democrat wrongdoing that the FBI has kept hidden or ignored and that the DOJ refused to prosecute.

There was also the blanket refusal by both the FBI and DOJ to produce documents requested by the House Intelligence Committee while Devin Nunes, the lone firewall that stood between President Trump and his removal from office, was its chairman.

We could go on but, again, ask yourself why the Inspector General felt he needed nearly 500 investigators to ferret out the corruption that infested the Department of Justice.

President Trump’s new Attorney General, William Barr has walked into the greatest shitstorm in the history of American justice.  Pray that he is up to the task. Our children’s freedoms are riding on this man.

If you’re asking yourself how this could have happened in America, I’d recommend listening to Diana West explain how it happened here.