Exclusive: Expert Reveals Best Methods to Mitigate the Risk of Coronavirus

Dr. Robert Pastore has done groundbreaking work on the link between genetics and each individual’s personal nutritional needs… no we do not all benefit equally from eating the six major food groups.  

The fact is, some of us suffer greatly from foods normally thought to be benign, or even foods recommended by the federal government.

I can attest to this because twenty-five years ago I was suffering from severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and other ailments.  Dr. Pastore determined I was allergic to the protein strands in two of the major food groups. Upon eliminating them from my diet I fully recovered.

Last night, Dr. Pastore shared his recommendations for warding off, or mitigating the Coronavirus with his patients through the strengthening of your immune system.  He’s given me the green light to share this information with you:

Our best option is prevention. Logical steps I propose to mitigate risk include:

  • Practicing social distancing at this time.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds (sing the Happy
    Birthday Song twice at a normal speed while washing).
  • Use hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. Wait at least 90 seconds before touching your mouth, face or eyes.
  • Disinfect surfaces you are in contact with on a regular basis.
  • Eat extremely clean and healthy for your unique individual biochemistry (you all know my mantra “one person’s food can be another’s problem). This is not the time to cheat on your nutrition plan or increase your intake of sugar. Those actions decrease your immune functioning and our goal is for optimum immune functioning.
  • I am a firm believer in the science on Sambucol. Sambucol is an extract of black elderberry and has been shown in clinical studies to shorten the duration of the flu by 3 to 4 days and help boost the immune system. I recommend 150mg daily for adults and 50mg daily for children. My daughter loves the gummy version.
  • Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor) by Host Defense – I have taken this mushroom for years as an immune booster at the dose of 2 capsules daily with or without food.
  • Ester C or buffered vitamin C, (I like a product by Klaire simply called Ester C) – 500mg to 2000mg per day for adults.
  • Vitamin D3 – please use the dose I have recommended to normalize any suboptimal or deficient level of this essential nutrient. For individuals with normal serum levels take 2000IU once daily with food.
    If you are avoiding going to the store or have a hard time purchasing products online, I personally purchase all my supplements from Wellevate (click here or call 855-935-5382), as it is my trusted source for supplements. If ordering from Wellevate, below is a list of brands and item codes that I use and recommend. Please feel free to share this information with your friends and family.
    Vitamin C Brands
  • Ester-C & Flavonoids 180 vcaps. Brand: Pure Encapsulations. Item Code EST17
  • Ester-C® 500 mg 100 caps. Brand: ProThera. Item Code P02128
  • Ester-C® 500 mg 100 caps. Brand: Klaire Labs. Item Code KL2128
    Turkey Tail
  • Turkey Tail Capsules 120 vegcaps. Brand: Host Defense. Item Code H27333
  • Turkey Tail Capsules 60 vegcaps. Brand: Host Defense. Item Code H27326 Sambucus Brands
  • Sambucus Gummies Elderberry 60 gummies. Brand: Nature’s Way. Item Code N04866
  • Sambucus Zinc-C 60 lozenges. Brand: NOW. Item Code N33840 Vitamin D
  • Vitamin D 2000 60 caps. Brand: Pastore Formulations. Item Code PTF11

May God bless you all as we work our way through this national emergency…

Here’s the entire letter that Dr. Pastore shared with us: