Was “Evidence” Against Moore Forged?

Elder Patriot – When pro-Trump Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore’s latest accuser came forward on Monday accompanied by Gloria Allred we should’ve predicted something was awry. 

Allred has made a career of charging men with sexual assault and then slinking into the nether world once the damage had been done.  And now, thanks an astute handwriting expert it appears that Allred ran the latest accuser out before the adoring mainstream media with a forged document to back up her claims.

Beverly Young Nelson accused Roy Moore of making improper sexual advances towards her when she was in high school and brought along her yearbook to back up her claim.

Nelson’s story was infinitely believable.  Her yearbook wasn’t.

CNN couldn’t report it quickly enough:

There’s just one problem.  Check that, there are a number of problems with the inscription Nelson claims Roy Moore was responsible for.

First, the inscription was made in two different color inks.

Then there’s the mismatched handwriting.

Thomas Wictor asked us to look at the sevens that were added in blue ink.  They do not match the sevens that were written in the original black ink.

Wictor also questions the authenticity of Moore’s signature that differs significantly from one that we know is authentic.

Wictor contends that the inflection of the “Y” is more pronounced and the “R” is noticeably longer in the signature of Chief Justice.

If Moore decides to hang tough, the people of Alabama will decide Roy Moore’s fate.  No one else matters, including Mitch McConnell or all of the establishment politicians combined.

If Moore wins on December 12th the swamp monsters can bark all they want but he will be seated as Alabama’s senator.  The Supreme Court has been clear on the supremacy of the vote.  Remember, Klansman Robert Byrd was seated after being elected.  Don’t remember former Grand Kleagle Robert Byrd then consider the case of Alvin Greene, a South Carolina Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate who refused to withdraw from a Senate race race despite a pending felony charge and pleas from state party leaders that he step aside.

Even McConnell’s threat of launching an ethics investigation is nothing more than unnecessary noise.  The Senate is limited to investigating ethics violation committed by sitting Senators during their tenure in the Senate, only. 

In the swamp’s rush to judgment against pro-Trump Roy Moore they might’ve at least wanted to examine the little forensic evidence that was presented.  Instead, they were so intent on turning back a Steve Bannon backed candidate that they have exposed themselves to being broadly discredited.

Perhaps Moore is guilty of sexual improprieties towards minors but he, like everyone from Bill Clinton to Barney Frank to Robert Menendez, deserves a fair hearing rather than a lynch mob led by his political opponents who are desperate to hold onto their waning power.