Evidence Democrats Used Voter Fraud to Steal Control of the Virginia House of Delegates?

Elder Patriot – On Election Day 23,866 people cast votes to determine their representative to serve the 94thDistrict of the House of Delegates.  At the end of the day Republican David Yancey had won by 12 votes.

That triggered a recount that allowed those counting the votes to conveniently find the 13 votes necessary for Democrat Shelly Simonds to win by one vote.

The significance of the thirteen votes that Democrats “found” flipped control of the House of Delegates from Republican hands and into a 50-50 tie.  This left the Republicans without control of any lever of power in Virginia.

But was the vote legitimate?

After the 2016 president election it was discovered that Virginia’s State Board of Elections coordinated with local election officials to hide a blatant case of non-citizen voter fraud. 

With longtime Clinton bagman, Terry McAuliffe presiding as governor there’s good reason to believe that he had a hand in orchestrating that vote, or at the least he turned his back on investigating it.  Remember, he gave the vote 200,000 felons to help Hillary’s efforts in his state.

Hans von Spakovsky recalls that when he was a member of the Fairfax County Electoral Board in Virginia, they had discovered close to 300 non-citizens who were illegally registered in the county.  This was not a one-off situation.  About half of those non-citizens had also illegally voted in prior elections.

When they reported the felony violations to the Commonwealth Attorney and the U.S. Department of Justice both entities – under Democrat control – buried it rather take action against those who committed at least three felony violations each:

Voting by a non-citizen under 18 U.S.C. §611 is a strict liability offense. In other words, it “does not require proof that the offender was aware that citizenship is a prerequisite to voting.”

Article II, Section 1 of the Virginia constitution requires a voter to be a citizen.

§24.2-1004 of the Virginia Code makes it a felony to vote when you are “not qualified to vote” in the state.

As we now know, ignoring the law when it was convenient to do so was par for the course for Obama’s DOJ and the Clintons.  And, clearly that was the case for their crony Governor McAuliffe.

If only this was an isolated incident.  It wasn’t.  Voter fraud has become commonplace under the state’s Democratic leadership and may well be the only reason that Dems have been able to make statewide gains.

Earlier this year the Virginia Voters Alliance and a Virginia voter (David Norcross) filed a lawsuit against the city of Alexandria, Va.  The suit claims that the general registrar, Anna Leider, violated the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) when she failed to make her records documenting the city’s voter-list maintenance procedures available for public inspection.  That would include all information about the removal of ineligible voters.  Why?  What was she hiding?

As a result of the lawsuit, the Alliance was finally given access to Leider’s office to inspect the voter registration records. Among the items they discovered was a list containing several hundred registrants who had been removed from the voter rolls, but only after the order to produce had been made, because they were not U.S. citizens.

We’ve previously shown evidence that Democrat voter fraud stole at least one Senate seat in New Hampshire and potentially a second Senate seat in Alabama.

Prior to Trump’s election, Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe used hidden cameras to expose Clinton’s highly developed voter fraud network using Clintons’ operatives, Scott Foval and Bob Creamer’s, own words.

As evidence mounts of widespread voter fraud, and the seriousness and the affect it is having on our tightly divided governing institutions, it is time to demand that President Trump’s Voter Integrity Commission be given wide berth to do its work.