Everything Could’ve Been Prevented if We Had Only Listened – But The MSM Told Us He Was Psychotic and Evil.

ELDER PATRIOT – The John Birch Society was founded by Robert Welch, along with a dozen other similarly staunch American patriots in 1958, to warn Americans about the form future threats to our marvelous experiment in democracy would take.

The MSM led the defamation of Welch and the JBS by linking it to the Ku Klux Klan in much the same way they tried smearing Donald Trump and the Tea Party over the past decade.

They were successful then, we must not let them be successful now.

Listen to this 9:00 minute synopsis of Robert Welch laying out the blueprint that the New World Order had planned to bring America to her knees in 1958 and again in 1974.  It’s worth every second of the time I’m asking to spend viewing it.

  • Surrender America’s sovereignty to various international organizations primary among them the United Nations
  • Greatly expanded government spending
  • Higher and then much higher taxes
  • An increasingly unbalanced budget
  • Wild inflation of our currency.  Today it would take $856.49 to buy what $100.00 did in 1958.
  • Government controls of prices, wages and materials.
  • Greatly increased socialistic controls over every aspect of our economy and our daily lives
  • Massive growth in the size of our bureaucracy and in the reach of our domestic government.
  • Far more centralization of power in Washington until state lines are, for all practical purposes, eliminated.
  • The steady advance of federal control over our educational system until that control is final and complete
  • Instill in the American psyche the unwillingness to fight necessary wars so that Americans will accept peace on any terms our enemies dictate
  • The eventual acceptance of appeasement that will result in gradual surrender to our enemies.

The he asks:

  • What’s wrong with having America’s foreign policy function for the benefit and safety and it’s own people?

Then he turned to listing what he hoped the JBS would be able to accomplish in the next fifteen years:

  • Restore complete independence of the Unite States
  • Return to gold standard
  • Reduce the size and scope of government by at least 50%
  • Withdraw American troops from everywhere on earth except where we are in a declared war
  • Get government out of the areas not authorized by the U.S. Constitution. – Restore adherence to the Tenth Amendment.

The MSM slandered Robert Welch in the most treacherous and disingenuous manner as though he was a member of the KKK but, as this video shows, Welch was a thoughtful and decent man. 

Throughout, Welch always emphasized the need for a massive educational effort to inform the public what was at stake and then to proceed gradually in restoring the balance between all levels of government and the people so that the freedoms our Founders sacrificed so much to pass on to us would be reestablished for us and for those who follow us.

If we had only listened to Robert Welch and his band of patriots during the late 1950’s Americans would’ve been far better off.  But the globalist propaganda machine that is the MSM made sure that didn’t happen.

We have been presented with another opportunity because of the patriotism and sacrifice of Donald Trump.  If we allow the MSM to convince us to abandon President Trump we may never get another chance.