Et Tu Rex? State Department Stabs Trump in the Back – Sessions Remains Mum as His Lawyers Join In

ELDER PATRIOT – While President Trump is the target of a Witch-Hunt that was authorized only because of unfounded allegations without a scintilla of evidence, the Washington Deep State establishment that he threatens has turned their backs on prosecuting evidence of real crimes that really do threaten what’s left of our democracy.

Yesterday the State Department, that is headed by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, argued in response to Judicial Watch’s FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request to turn over the 7,000 emails found on Huma Abedin’s laptop that she shared with her now estranged husband Anthony Weiner, that it should be acceptable because there was “diminished public interest” in the emails.

What???  What does “diminished public interest” have to do with prosecuting high-level White-Collar crime?

Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch accused the State Department of deliberately slow-rolling the emails when they claim they have to first determine whether they are personal or governmental in nature and, that after that they will sift through what they want to share publicly. 

Back in November, the court ordered the State Department to process 500 pages a month.  That’s 16 per day.  Seriously?  Sixteen pages per hour would be very generous.

In other words, Clinton acolytes still in the employ of the State Department will be not only be allowed to “cleanse” the evidence against her but they can take their sweet time – until the 2020 presidential election – to complete the job.

If this sounds similar to the way that James Comey allowed Hillary’s lawyers to determine what evidence the F.B.I. would get to glean from her email that’s because it is.

I wonder what contact Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s team of Clinton’s protectors is playing in all of this?

Civil attorneys working under Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Department of Justice joined with State Department lawyers in arguing to the court that the slow-roll was perfectly acceptable because there is, “diminished public interest” in Hillary’s emails.

As the Deep State’s propaganda division – the MSM – continues pounding the public’s consciousness with what is proving to be totally discredited allegations of Trump-Russia collusion we are expected to believe that there wouldn’t be significantly more interest in Hillary’s emails with even a fraction of the coverage from the MSM?

Is there any wonder why Donald Trump is demanding that Jeff Sessions do the job he trusted he would do when he appointed him?

Fitton agreed: “I can understand the president’s frustration because he wanted these made public. However, his Justice and State departments are making excuses of why they have to slow-roll it this way.”

Unless Sessions announces the appointment of a Grand Jury in short order we will be left with no choice but to start looking into whether the Attorney General was the early Deep State choice to endorse Trump so that he might later be positioned to undermine his presidency.

Or, perhaps Sessions has been threatened – or his family threatened – by Deep State operatives working to protect Washington’s corrupt establishment.

Perhaps that is what was behind Trump’s tweet yesterday after which he called Jeff Sessions our beleaguered A.G.:

Everyday it becomes clearer that the Deep State is intent on destroying Donald Trump before he exposes just how extensive the illegal activities of the Washington’s governing elites has been.