Et Tu, Paul

Elder Patriot – As great as the temptation may be to limit your view of the Clinton crime syndicate to elected Democrats and their appointees that’s not likely to be the case when all of the evidence becomes public.

Memory tells us that Republicans controlled both the House and Senate while the criminal fleecing of American taxpayers and their progeny was a regular part of Washington’s daily business. 

Common sense informs us that if Democrats are intent on impeaching Trump should they gain control of Congress then why wasn’t Speaker Paul Ryan as intent on stopping Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton where evidence of their crimes were far more palpable and treasonous?

We explored how Ryan ran the House as a funding agent of the Clinton-Obama criminal syndicate as well as consistently rubber-stamping their treasonous destruction of our national sovereignty for the financial benefit of the globalist fat cats they were doing business with. 

Now there is evidence that it’s far worse than we imagined at that time.  In fact, the level of deception, fraud, and treason is so despicable as to be unimaginable.  You’ll actually have to see the evidence as it is presented, in small bites, to believe it.  That is coming soon.

The corruption is so pervasive that it’s no longer believable that president Obama and the Republican leaders in Congress were not complicit in Mrs. Clinton’s criminal enterprise.

Back on October 31, 2016 we’d only become aware of a fraction of what’s now been disclosed when we wrote:

If the faithful men and women of the FBI are allowed to conduct their investigation into Hillary Clinton’s criminal activities totally unfettered by any political considerations Barack Obama, Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan have a lot to be concerned about.


Common sense tells us that those entrusted to uncover and prosecute criminal activity and corruption in government but who sit by and do nothing are either partners in that criminal activity, or so incompetent that they should be removed from any future positions of oversight.

Casting further doubt on the integrity of these men is the evidence of Mrs. Clinton’s incredibly transparent RICO operation and their continuing refusal to acknowledge their disgust with her by renouncing her candidacy. 

In fact, these three men are indefensibly working, in one manner or another, to give Mrs. Clinton the keys to the United States Treasury.

Remember, this was written during the campaign – one week before the election – when Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refused to support Donald Trump’s candidacy.

Shortly after the election on December 4, 2016 we reported on information that only then come to light following Hillary’s stunningly poor performance at the Commander-in-Chief Forum prior to the election.  The even had been put together for her benefit but Matt Lauer had the audacity to go off script during his questioning of Madame Clinton. 

She was so incensed afterwards that she exploded in anger:

“If that f—ing bastard wins, we all hang from nooses.  Lauer’s finished.  And, if I lose it’s all on your heads for screwing this up.”

Now Paul Ryan is resigning.  Ask yourself why.  He’s a young man with presidential aspirations but he’s choosing to retire instead.  What is running away from?