Establishment At It Again: Deliberately Doctoring Polls To Discourage Moore Voters

Elder Patriot – The orchestration of Washington elites’ now well-worn political strategy of launching a smear campaign followed by doctored polling has once again been unleashed against a candidate who has the temerity to challenge the Republican establishment.

We witnessed the attempt to dissuade gullible voters from supporting Donald Trump using phony polling and we are witnessing it again in Alabama.

John Podesta employed this strategy to favor Hillary Clinton when he was her campaign’s CEO.  Remember when WikiLeaks released this email proving this was indeed the case:

“…recommend oversamples for our polling before we start in February… so that we can maximize what we get out of our media polling.”

You weren’t so naïve as to think only Democrats employ this strategy, were you?

The results of two new polls, one ordered by Mitch McConnell through the Republican National Senatorial Committee, show that the RINO’s we’ve sent to Washington – because we relied on their campaign lies to us – are cut from the same corrupt cloth as Podesta and Clinton.

The RNSC poll wants us to believe that Moore’s opponent soared to a 12-point lead – a 21-point turnaround – in the days following the accusations against Moore.  The NRSC has refused to release the internals of the poll and that greatly diminishes the poll’s credibility.

The other poll, released by Fox News show’s Moore is losing by 8 points, barely outside the +/-3.5% margin of error.  The internals of that poll are available and they would make Podesta proud.

The Fox News poll sample of likely voters included 42% of self-professed Democrats.  At most, 34% of Alabamans are Democrats. 

Contradicting all of this is a poll conducted over the same time period as the first two.  This one, by a Fox affiliate used a much broader sample – approximately 5 times larger – and showed Moore leading by 6 points.  The Fox10 News/Strategy Research poll’s margin of error was also significantly smaller at +/-2%.

Other polls are more in line with the Fox 10 findings that show Moore lost some support but is still leading by a comfortable margin.

McConnell’s motive is clear.  Steve Bannon has committed to finding and backing candidates committed to ending the establishment’s hold on our national government.  The election of such candidates threatens McConnell’s control of the Senate and his ability to block the Trump agenda.

The Senate Majority Leader did everything he could to derail President Trump’s candidacy even suggesting publicly that he might vote for Hillary Clinton.  Now he is facing another beat down by a Bannon-backed candidate in Alabama. 

McConnell derives his power and position from delivering the globalist agenda.  If he can’t deliver on candidates that support that agenda he becomes dispensable.

So, once again, like the swamp rat that he is, McConnell is resorting to underhanded tactics to derail another anti-establishment, drain-the-swamp candidate even if it means handing the seat to a far-left Democrat.