Enough! President Trump, If You’re Gonna Bitch Then Why Aren’t You Bringing the Pitch?

“If You’re Gonna Bitch Then Ya Better Bring a Pitch” – Sid Gormley, Mythical NYPD Lieutenant

We at PC have grown weary of defending President Trump.  Not because we don’t believe in his America First agenda.  If we didn’t we would have given up this fight a long time ago.

We’re tired of President Trump’s refusal to protect the First Amendment rights of the alternative conservative media while at the same time bitching about the establishment’s legacy media.

Word to President Trump, no matter what you do, the establishment legacy media will never change because they’re doing the job they are paid to do… destroy capitalism and conservatism.

We are the alternative, pro-America and pro-capitalism, and you have ignored us.

The mark of a great president is the legacy he leaves for future presidents and future generations.  Despite all your successes, here you have failed.

It will take one Democrat, or one worthless Deep State tool like George HW Bush, to wipe out all the gains you made on behalf of the American people.  You well know that, like China, the homegrown Marxists aligned against American greatness play the long game.

We noticed that when it came to the economy, you took steps early in your administration to rebuild Main Street, not to tear down America’s multinational corporations and international banking community.

Why haven’t you granted the same protection, the same ability to grow and prosper – a protection actually guaranteed by the First Amendment of the Constitution – to the alternative conservative media?

It’s bad enough that the loudest media voices, the ones with network television formats and newspapers with broad circulation, are able to openly lie about you, your defense of Americans, and to slur us as fake news when everything we print is presented with links and citations.

But, worse, you’ve sat silently while social media has destroyed our ability to generate enough income to even pay our overhead.  

President Trump, you cannot claim ignorance on this count.  People close to you in the White House asked for, and received a 50-page document explaining how Facebook has systematically and deliberately drove our reach – and with it our revenue – to barely 1% of what we had built it to.

At one time, alternative news sites were generating billions of dollars in revenue and paying ten, if not hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes.  Patriotic Americans, who knew something had gone seriously wrong with our government, wanted to read our work… their work.

Facebook took hundreds of thousands of dollars from us in payment for building our page and then, not only didn’t deliver the expected reach, destroyed what reach we had.  Surely there’s something illegal about that.

There aren’t many alternative news sites left that espouse America’s First Principles.  We aren’t asking you to censor the establishment media whose job is to end your presidency, we are only asking for a level playing field… as much for America as for ourselves.

Stop bitching and do something or soon your legacy, and America’s will be erased from history.