Enemy of the People – CNN’s Brian Stelter Calls Trump “Slow-Acting Poison” Patriots Stand Poised For Action

ELDER PATRIOT – As far back at Bill Clinton’s presidency CNN was alternately referred to as the “Clinton News Network” and the “Communist News Network.”  Two and a half decades later there is no longer any doubt that it is the Communist News Network.

CNN has been among the MSM’s leaders in defining the ever-shrinking Overton Window that restricts the limits of society’s political discussion. 

Joseph Overton was senior vice president of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy who observed that in a given public policy area only a relatively narrow range of potential policies would be considered politically acceptable.

Here is where Marxist propaganda arms that represent the globalist takeover, like CNN, play a huge role in slowly closing the public’s mind to revolutionary policy discussion. 

In this respect CNN is the unquestioned leader in defining for the public what is, and what isn’t, acceptable policy.  Anyone who was alive in the 1950’s can tell you that aside from technological innovations that have made our lives easier life for the American family is not better.

Americans have accepted the government’s incremental stripping of their freedoms and seizing of their property and prosperity because they’ve become convinced by the MSM, and a succession of globalist-owned politicians that they have only two narrowly defined policy options that are bad and worse.

They have conspired together to turn America into a slave state where people have become convinced that the government somehow has the right to force you to buy goods and services for other citizens – even forcing you to buy products you don’t want like government defined health care and retirement programs.

If anything, this is the slow-acting poison Americans have been consuming for more than a half-century. 

And it is this think-poison that has allowed the myopic problem solving approach that establishment politicians have used to limit implementing dynamic solutions. 

President Trump has not only challenged the shrinking Overton Window he has threatened to drive a truck through it with revolutionary ideas for restoring American greatness. 

Frankly, after fifty years of reflection on the costs and debt that these failed government programs have wrought on America’s workers it is clear that the Overton Window is very real.

When America voted for Donald Trump they were actually telling the world that, given the opportunity to travel back in time, they would’ve voted for Barry Goldwater so that they could’ve blocked Lyndon Johnson from implementing the divisive and debt-ridden socially destructive programs that now appear to have eternal life.

For proof look no further than the current healthcare debate.  In the seven years since the government took over our healthcare system, premiums have doubled and deductibles have risen to the point where people cannot afford to visit their doctors. 

Repealing the ACA and implementing form start a narrowly defined system for our most needy citizens is the only logical conclusion but the Overton Window has closed and now we are told by the MSM and the political dictatorship inside the beltway that even any reform is unacceptable.

Think about it, Democrats comprise 48% of the senate yet not a single one had the slightest interest in joining the debate over how to fix even a single aspect of the failed legislation.

We owe Brian Stelter a debt of gratitude for his most recent asinine description of Donald Trump.

It is Brian Stelter and his MSM comrades that have been the slow acting poison that brought America to its knees.

Stelter and his colleagues know that as long as Donald Trump is president the MSM will never successfully close the Overton Window because preserving and closing it is the only reason for their existence. 

That explains their desperation and promotion of President Trump’s impeachment armed with only wild hyperbole but without a scintilla of evidence.  They have even circumspectly fomented violence against President Trump as a last (perhaps first?) resort.

Word to Stelter and the rest of the slow acting scum that comprise the corporatist-globalist weaponized media – Take out Trump and the reprisals you’ll face from American patriots will make you regret it.  One hundred million American gun owners guarantee you aren’t closing that window again in our lifetimes.