The End of Critical Thought: Everything You Think, Do, and Say, Will Be Decided By Facebook Today

Elder Patriot – The Democrat/Marxist/Media insists on painting President Trump as a shoot-from-the-hip, loose-lipped, ill-informed, disruptor.  Except for the disruptor part, they couldn’t be more wrong.

Reporters want us to believe that President Trump has to sit around and wait for them to report something before he knows about it.  While that was a favorite ploy of Obama who had much to hide, that’s a really laughable and dismissive excuse.

The president sits atop the most pervasive intelligence network anywhere.  What the media characterizes as reckless, loose-tongued, assertions is actually Trump’s way of injecting the truth into the public consciousness.

That’s because when Trump makes these allegedly “outlandish” assertions, the Mockingbird Media, is forced to discredit him, unintentionally giving the president’s statements broad circulation.  

The latest example of media manipulation comes from a new source.

In a new book, “Deep State: Trump, the FBI, and the Rule of Law,” journalist James B. Stewart discusses the “Oh Sh*t” moment FBI agents experienced when they found Hillary Clinton’s on child pornograhper’s Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

The NY Post reports:

Within hours of the Sept. 26, 2016, search warrant, FBI technicians noticed there were 340,000 emails on the laptop between Clinton and her top aide, Weiner’s wife Huma Abedin — many of them from domain addresses such as “” and “”

At an FBI briefing later that week, one participant said the revelation was like “dropping a bomb in the middle of the meeting.”

But the discovery fell through the cracks because top FBI officials were “overwhelmed” by the Russia probe, Stewart wrote.

Overwhelmed???  Are we to conclude that the FBI – 35,000 agents strong – is incapable of conducting multiple threat assessments at the same time?

Or, as President Trump has contended, the FBI chose to ignore overwhelming evidence of Hillary Clinton’s reckless disregard for the laws protecting our national security because they were pre-occupied constructing a false narrative about Trump-Russia.

Who ordered the FBI to bury the case against Clinton?  Who did FBI Director James Comey answer to?

The SDNY alerted Deputy Director Andrew McCabe at the FBI office in Washington DC no later than September 28th, 2016 that they had discovered many hundreds of thousands of emails on Weiner’s laptop. 

It wasn’t until a month later, on October 28, 2016, that [then-FBI director] Comey sent a letter to Congress regarding the FBI’s discovery that the Weiner laptop contained Clinton’s emails.

Where was the “Urgent Concern” that is allegedly fueling the latest intelligence community’s Ukrainian phone call impeachment assault on the president.

Keep in mind, FBI HQ still had 10 days to explore the laptop until the presidential election once they took possession of it.  Apparently, afraid of what they might find, they decided not to examine the Weiner laptop until the election was over:

Date on form: 11/09/2016.  The election was held on 11/08/2016.

Not only was the Democrat/Marxist/Media silent about this, Facebook clamped down on our reach (even further) down for 30 days, costing us tens of thousands of dollars, under the pretense that our reporting was fake news.

All of that incriminatory evidence was dismissed as though it didn’t exist, but the Mockingbird media built an impeachment narrative around this: 

And some people actually see that text exchange as proof.

The consolidation of mass media into information conglomerates has made it easier for the CIA influence the public through Operation Mockingbird.

The days of the pamphleteers are gone… not welcome in the digital age where everything you think, do, and say, will be in Facebook’s newsfeed.  Facebook will make sure of that.