Empty Reporting From the G-7 Is Evidence That The Mainstream Media Wants to Destroy America’s Economic Vitality

Elder Patriot – In his own inimitable way President Donald Trump stormed the recent G-7 Summit in Charlevoix where he served notice on the hypocrite members of that struggling alliance that the fleecing of United States taxpayers was over.

President Trump has been clear about his intentions to reset one-sided trade deals as well as his distaste for unbalanced multilateral trade deals but some members of the G-7 refuse to listen.  They view the G-7 as the G-6+1 where the U.S. consumer serves the role of banker to the rest of the members.

Trump made his disgust for their hypocrisy known immediately when he asked why Russia was no longer a member.  It was a veiled message to the other members and their over-the-top reaction, which was immediately echoed by the mainstream media, belied the basis of their hypocrisy that Trump was letting them know he would no longer tolerate.

What Trump left unsaid for a future time was “We might as well let Russia back in because the rest of you are doing your own spate of side deals with them anyway.  You have carved out your own bilateral deals with Russia. So cut the bullshit.

“The expulsion of Russia was a sham, a charade that you were never prepared to stand by.  Why are you hiding it from the world that you have continued trading with them?”

While Trump bit his tongue and didn’t say what he was thinking the double-dealers from Germany and France remained un-chastened.  

Here’s what our so-called allies Merkel and Macron have been up to since dumping Russia from the G-6+1 over just the past few months:

(Keep in mind these are the same players who stridently defended the Paris Climate Accord when Trump was pulling us out of that $2 billion scam that was solely funded by the U.S.)

In late May 2018, French President Macron went to Russia with the CEO of Total SA, France’s largest energy company, and signed an agreement for Total SA to increase their investment in natural gas production in the Arctic.  Real environmentalists, eh?

Macron’s hypocrisy is obvious to a blind person.  He ignored the environmental impact of this arrangement demanded by the Paris Accords and increased their partnership with Russia at the same time.  

Have you read that anywhere?  Hey Bloomberg too busy reporting on Michael Avenetti and Stormy Daniels?  Forget about CNN. It has become a 24-hour porn channel or MSNBC that has gone Keith Olberman irrational rant 24/7.

It would be impossible to gage the enormity of the kickback from these same environmentally conscious countries if Trump and the CEO of Exxon-Mobil had inked a similar deal to develop the Arctic reserves with Putin.  

Merkel’s double-dealing is even more offensive.  Russia was expelled from the G-8 because of Crimea.  Russia’s pipeline through the Ukraine serves Europe, and most particularly Germany and Western Europe.  Russia leveraged their ownership of this pipeline at Crimea’s expense causing the G-8 to expel them and impose sanctions on them in 2014.  

How does the righteous Chancellor of Germany decide to punish Russia? In January 2018 Merkel signed a deal with Russia to build an alternative pipeline from Russia to Germany that travel under the Baltic Sea.  To do this Sweden, Denmark and Norway – those other stalwarts of environmental protectionism – all signed off on this.

The Trump administration explicitly asked Germany not to sign this agreement, they ignored us and now there is a consortium of Austrian, UK and German companies partnering with Russia to build this pipeline.

Why should Trump ever sign another deal with this hypocrite?  Merkel ignored the Paris Accords and increased their partnership with Russia. Good job Merkel.  We know who you are. Now screw off.

Have you read about Merkel’s Russian deal anywhere in the mainstream media?  They’ve been too busy looking for ways to trash President Trump. Bloomberg is too busy reporting on Michael Avenetti and Stormy Daniels.  And CNN has turned itself into a 24-hour porn channel while MSNBC that has gone Keith Olberman batshit crazy 24/7.

President Trump was 100% correct in his admonition of the other members of the G-7 if there is to be any hope for the  future for the economic alliance to include the United States.

Or, they can end the charade and have every country enter bilateral deals as meets their economic needs and in accordance with their political conscience.  

Right now the G6+1 represents an economic alignment to strip America’s wealth.

More importantly, the mainstream media has no desire to report the truth about this arrangement.  You can decide for yourself why that is.