Emmy Recap: Trump Has Penetrated the Deep State’s Outer Ring of Protection

Elder Patriot – If last night’s Emmy Awards proved anything it’s that President Trump is living rent free inside the heads of his detractors and they are incapable of evicting him.

The incessantly derogatory rhetoric they are using to describe the president is being received by the rest of the country as ignorant and anti-American as President Trump proves his devotion to our country and its patriots.

Donald Trump’s election proved that this was a failed strategy yet his opponents have doubled down on the same losing tactics that resulted in Trump winning the presidency.  This is the definition of insanity. 

Why is this? 

The answer is that they are out of alternatives.  Despite the efforts of the mainstream media to tell us that up is down and that black is white it has become obvious to the vast majority of Americans that the policies expounded by the Left  – open borders, increasingly bigger, more intrusive, and more expensive government, a deep disrespect for all religions with the exception of Islam, the ceding of ever increasing powers to the U.N., and the outsourcing of American jobs and manufacturing (in many instances to countries that are not our friends) – are intent on destroying capitalism and the American dream.

History denies credibility for the ideological direction they want to take us in so they destroy our history.  And they call President Trump, and those looking to him to save the country that they love, fascists. 

Considering how well the “Deplorable” label worked for Hillary now labeling us fascists is either a sign of complete stupidity or complete desperation.  Complete desperation for the Marxist New World Order leadership and complete stupidity for the useful idiots that comprise what’s left of their rank and file.

We are now witnessing the last vestiges of the American Marxist movement in its attempt to win the populist vote.

President Trump’s America First agenda, irrespective of party orthodoxy, led CNBC to run this headline last Thursday: “The party’s over: Republicans and Democrats are both finished.”

The carefully constructed Left-Right paradigm that was used so effectively by the Global-Marxist-Corporatist alliance to divide our electorate has been eroded by Trump’s disregard for ideology in favor of what really is the great good.

The only obstacle now standing in the way of President Trump’s plan to restore America’s sovereignty and the peoples’ personal freedoms is the Deep State’s jack-booted authoritarian control over large numbers of our elected officials, wide swaths of the American government, and even some members of the president’s cabinet.

For certain, the Deep State is the most formidable of Trump’s (and our) opponents because of its strategic infiltration of virtually every government institution largely thanks to the efforts of Barack Obama over the past eight years.

But now, because of President Trump the protective veneer has been stripped from our real enemy – the Global-Marxist-Corporatist alliance – that Obama provided wide berth to with his appointments in every agency of our government.

Trump has penetrated their outer defenses having exposed the MSM, Hollywood, and members of both Houses of Congress, including the entire Congressional leadership of both parties.

Now the real war begins.