Elites Peddling Fear as Last Resort to Save the Globalist Movement

ELDER PATRIOT – It’s becoming increasingly clear that the corporate, banking, political and media elites have nothing left of their campaign of lies that addresses everything from central banks to geopolitical military “necessities” to terrorism to immigration to national and world debt to global trade agreements.

As the vote for Brexit neared, Globalist liars took to the talk shows claiming there would be financial Armageddon if Britain voted to declare its independence from the European Union.  There were claims that the big investment banks would react to the Brexit vote by moving their headquarters out of Britain.  The threat predicted extreme economic upheaval for both London and the world.

It was a political campaign built on fear and it, now turns out, was also a complete lie.  If it wasn’t a lie then we’ve learned that the unwashed masses of uneducated white workers seeking simple employment are infinitely more capable of predicting the stock market than the over-educated, overpaid pointed-headed elites who were peddling their “insider intelligence” in the weeks leading up to the vote.

Here are the facts:

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 11.52.23 AM

One week before the vote to Brexit the LSE closed at 2392.  On Friday the LSE closed at 2523.  That’s a gain of 5.48%.

Charles Gasparino told us the morning after the vote that the heads of the big U.S. banks told him they would be remaining in London:

What changed overnight?  Nothing.  They had lied to in an attempt to preserve the globalist campaign.  Even President Obama and Hillary Clinton had joined in the fear mongering.

What about the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)?

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 11.52.25 AM

More lies.  The market sold off slightly but even at its lowest point two days after the Brexit vote it remained almost 10% above the 2016 bottom of 15,660 of February 11th.   Five trading days later the NYSE was within 0.34% of its pre-Brexit close and only 0.81% below the year’s high of 18,096 of April 20th.

Every time Janet Yellen flaps her gums, or a new jobs report disappoints, the market shows greater volatility.

The fact is there is nothing to fear about truly free trade between individual nation states just as there is nothing xenophobic or racist about free people being able to choose who they live and work next to. 

There is nothing to fear about Americans asserting their sovereignty.  Despite the lies of the Elites, America’s fastest period of economic growth, highest levels of personal prosperity, and greatest individual liberty came during the times of America’s greatest assertion of her sovereignty.

Do not allow the Elites to imprison you using lies to advance fear.