The Education-Media Matrix: Why Some People Seem Programmed to Hate Trump Even Though They Approve of His Policies

Elder Patriot – We all know them.  They reflexively hate Donald Trump.  When they are presented with Trump’s policies and legislative initiatives disguised as those of Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, or even Hillary Clinton, they immediately nod their approval of them.  But, when they learn those are policies President Trump has been fighting for they find it difficult to admit they still approve of those policies or they dismiss the questioner as a liar.

Sadly, these people have been programmed to accept their own self-destruction because they can’t escape the matrix that a lifetime of conditioning by the mainstream media has resulted in.

We all have a personal belief system similar to a crystalline structure where everything we believe fits neatly together.  When new facts come to light a mental condition known as cognitive dissonance takes over. 

Cognitive dissonance results from people being forced to deal with conflicting attitudes, beliefs or behaviors, that forces them to alter one or more of our attitudes, beliefs or behaviors in an effort to reduce the discomfort and restore balance, etc. that we experience at such times.

Some people can fit the new information neatly into their personal belief structure.  Others find that difficult or even impossible to do without entirely destroying their existing belief system, something we all are resistant to doing.

For these people it is impossible to engage in reasoned dialogue with anyone who challenges their belief systems.  These people exhibit frustration and, oft times, even rage.

They choose, though not willingly, to live in a constant state of denial than deal with the intellectual and emotional turmoil that results from dealing with the new facts.  These people are victims of the mainstream media matrix.  From public schools, to Hollywood, to television, to 24-hour cable news, to print news, and now to Internet news, chat rooms, and Facebook, Google and Twitter, they have been programmed so that their beliefs conform to norms defined by others.

That’s a whole lot of time, money, and effort on the part of these entities that is expended for a singular purpose – to control how people think and to make people compliant with whatever the state wants.   

These people readily accept that this is the way it was in Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, and the way it is in China today.  But, they cannot accept that this is the way it might be here. 

This is the reason neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton have left the public square as past politicians have previously done when their time was up. 

Obama, Clinton, et al continued feeding the beliefs that people had held about them rather than give their congregants the freedom to accept the benefits that were taking place in their lives under the presidency of Donald Trump – and, more importantly for them, they were determined to make sure their criminal behavior wouldn’t be believed by those same followers. 

If they believed that Trump is a tyrant that would give their supporters all the cover they needed to protect their belief systems from crumbling.

That is also the reason that President Trump and his Attorney General have had to slow play the investigations into the corruption of our government by the Clintons and the Obama administration.  They had to wait until the majority of Americans found a way to process the overwhelming evidence against Obama and Clinton in order to circumvent the charges that only tyrants arrest their political opponents.

A recent poll reveals that time is here.  The question that now remains is whether the majority of Americans can process and handle the truth in the face of what is sure to be a massive deniable of facts masked by false narratives from the mainstream media matrix in what will be their final effort to remain relevant.

Will you be able to escape the mainstream media matrix?