The Economy is Booming and No One Can Take Credit Except Trump – True Free Trader Architect of Coming Red Wave

Elder Patriot – There’s no denying that the United States’ economy is booming.  CNBC reported the good news yesterday:

Fifty-four percent say the economy is good or excellent, the highest recorded by CNBC in the 10 years of the survey.

Fifty-four percent of Americans say the economy is good or excellent, the highest recorded by CNBC in the 10 years of the survey. Just 43 percent say the economy is fair or poor, the lowest in the history of the survey. Positive views on the economy have surged 20 points since the election. And for the first time, the percentage of Americans saying the economy is excellent outstrips the percent saying it is poor. Americans look for a strong 4 percent gain in their home values in the next year, equaling the highest percentage previously recorded in 2007.

This really is the only poll that matters.  Bill Clinton told us that when he declared “it’s the economy stupid” before rolling to a blowout victory.  Expect these economic numbers to be even more important to voters who suffered through eight years of moribund growth, diminished (in real terms) median household income, skyrocketing debt, and a scarcity of good jobs under a succession of previous presidents.

And, no one can take credit for it except Donald J. Trump.  Remember the prediction of the Left’s go-to economic guru, Paul Krugman?

Krugman declared an economic Armageddon was coming the day after Trump was elected thereby severing all ties to economic performance our previous presidents and Washington’s establishmentarian class had managed.

Trump now owns credit for his bold about face on long-established trade policies that had destroyed our manufacturing base, shipped our technology overseas for the benefit of foreign governments, created a bloated low-wage service sector economy with, created a paucity of good jobs, and threatened our national security.  

More important, CNBC’s poll showed that the majority of Americans are now giving President Trump credit for the turnaround:

The more amazing number is 36% of Americans have such partisan blinders on that they refuse to acknowledge President Trump’s massive accomplishment.  Credit must be given for that to the Marxist Democrats, the corrupt #NeverTrump Republicans, and their ace marketing team aka the mainstream media.

With the economy roaring, Trump is only going to convert more people over time.

It’s hard to picture a scenario where voters would return power to the liars of the past.

Trump boldly fought back the establishment lies extolling the merits of “Free Trade.”  He rightfully declared that there’s nothing free about a neighbor who has dinner at your house for free but charges you when they have you over.  

Trump is striving to establish truly free trade but he must first convince our trade partners that they have more to lose than we do in a trade war where we match each partner tariff for tariff.  This will be a slow process because these charlatans still cling to the hope that the gravy train they’ve constructed for themselves with previous U.S. administrations, built on selling out the American taxpayer, can be salvaged.  

Despite the daily pounding President Trump has taken from Washington’s Globalist OneParty and backed by the mainstream media propaganda machine, the people are woke.

Canada’s Justin Trudeau learned first that his bluster meant nothing to America’s first honest president in decades.  NAFTA is on life support and there is nothing Justin can do about it. While the United States experienced significant job growth last month, Canada lost 31,000 jobs over the same period.  With an economy one-tenth of ours that’s the equivalent of 310,000 lost jobs. Canadians will not long tolerate the boy PM.

Germany’s Merkel has now caved to the economic reality of having built an economy on unfair trade imbalances as well.  Merkel knew that when Trump called her bluff on tariffs it was game over. What was she going to do, threaten to increase tariffs?

France’s Macron is yet to figure this out yesterday threatening to add even more tariffs to his already imbalanced trade portfolio with the United States.  Such entrenched stupidity alone should disqualify him from future office.

Even China is coming to the recognition that they have no leverage in trade negotiations with the United States as long as Donald Trump is guarding the vault.

Of course, Trudeau, Merkel, and Macron, along with all of the other international bloodsuckers, figured Hillary Clinton would be running their criminal syndicate at this point.

But, she’s not and Donald Trump is.  And, unlike those feeding from the pockets of America’s hardworking taxpayers, Trump is working for US!

With Trump now firmly entrenched at the economic helm there will be no quick return to the fleecing of America by corrupt establishmentarians and foreign interests who are used to feeding off our hard work and technological discoveries.

That was confirmed by the CNBC poll that showed the recent headlines on immigration have failed to move the needle even a smidgeon.

All of this means that the globalist cabal will resort to inciting even more unrest in the hope of  taking down our president. Even here, Trump has law enforcement and the military on his side.

Enjoy the ride to the midterms..