Have You Been Dumb Enough to Believe The Political Lie That Is Threatening to Bury Us

ELDER PATRIOT – Big-government politicians from both sides of the aisle always resort to telling us we are a rich nation as a way of justifying the next “great” social program that they want to impose on us.  Almost religiously, liberal sycophants repeat the mantra that “such a rich country should be ashamed of itself if they can’t supply this or that basic human need,” for their fellow citizens.

The truth is that we have been living beyond our means for the past half-century, since having retired the debt from WWII.  And, our spending is becoming more manic and irresponsible with each passing congress.  If nothing is done to curtail the growth of government we will experience an economic Armageddon unlike anything before in our nation’s history.

Our acceptance of reckless government spending is both pernicious and unfathomable for an educated society.  We have continued returning our senators and congressmen to Washington at a rate close to 95% so that they may continue increasing spending to pay for programs the vast majority of us will never use.

All of this spending has left taxpayers 20 Trillion dollars in debt.  In pursuit of their own dreams, America’s citizens have accumulated slightly in excess of $12 Trillion in personal debt.  That’s right, the government is now forcing each of us to absorb almost double the debt in paying for the dreams of others than we have deemed wise for ourselves.  (Seethe FRED chart above.)

According to the Cato Institute, As bad as these numbers sound, they actually understate the problem. That is because they don’t include the unfunded liabilities of programs like Social Security and Medicare. While those liabilities don’t show up on the country’s official balance sheet, they nonetheless represent legal obligations of the US government. Including the expected shortfall from those programs brings our true debt to an unfathomable $90.6 trillion.” 

State and local debt may look like a pittance compared to these monstrous burdens but they total more than the total federal debt of only two decades ago.

All of this spending has left each of America’s 125 million households owing close to $1,000,000.  All because we trusted politicians when they told us that we were a rich country and that someone else would pay for all of the unaffordable but “absolutely necessary” programs that they shoved down our throats.

As the reality of this has debt bomb started to sink in, politicians resorted to telling us that we only need raise taxes on the “rich” to solve our debt problems.  The truth is that we have accumulated more debt than all of the wealth of every American, rich and poor.

The sad result of believing these lies is that the recipients of this wasteful spending have become addicted to it so that, like drug addicts, there is no reasoning with these government slaves that their dependency must end, either by demanding reforms now so that we might at least preserve our freedoms or by waiting until after the economy collapses that will set the stage for the government mandating turning the rest of us into slaves as well.

The resulting contention for our limited financial resources has empowered government to divide us through the manner in which politicians choose to distribute those resources. 

Can anyone justify spending $67,000 annually to relocate refugees of unknown intentions, or even giving $30,000 annually to illegal aliens through welfare, while our seniors are force to survive on an average of $14,000 is Social Security benefits annually?

It’s past time that rank and file Americans, whether they consider themselves Democrats or Republicans, realize that the enemy isn’t each other, the enemy are big government politicians who promise their constituents everything and then borrow from our children to pay for it.

Think of it this way, if we were a truly rich nation capable of paying for all of the programs we have become convinced we need we wouldn’t be going into debt to pay for them.