Drain the Swamp? Make America Great Again? Don’t Bet Against Trump

ELDER PATRIOT – Those betting against Trump to disinfect Congress of the corrupt vermin who populate its halls are making a big mistake.  A review of his presidential campaign from the time that he announced his candidacy reveals one charlatan icon after another being knocked from their thrones of reverence when Trump exposed the threat that his opponents’ support of the world globalist movement meant to the prosperity of we the people.

First, Trump toppled the Bush dynasty that had infected the Republican Party since 1988.  This, in itself, was a massive accomplishment.  Making it even more impressive is that he was able to do it by spending a fraction of what Jeb Bush spent against him.  The efficiency of the Trump campaign’s spending became a recurring theme of his candidacy.

Trump went on to trounce the remaining Republicans on his way to garnering the nomination.  Trump now had a foothold inside the American political system.  He now controlled one of the two major political parties.  Once again he spent a fraction of what his opponents did.

Once Trump became the Republican nominee virtually the entire $1.8 Trillion entertainment and media industry turned its sights on him.  Rather than follow the path that Romney and McCain had followed, Trump boldly launched a direct attack on the integrity and methods of the mainstream corporate media. 

His early declaration that he had “no time for political correctness” had been a harbinger of things to come.  By the time Trump was done the vast majority of Americans rejected the reporting of the media that had openly and almost unanimously aligned against him.

What makes Trump’s defeat of the mainstream corporate media and the Hollywood Leftists so incredible was that he accomplished it by turning their own airtime against them without spending any of his own money.

Trump accomplished what Brent Bozell and the Media Research Center had spent hundreds of millions of dollars and over 29 years trying to do.

To most Americans, Trump is now the person they look to for the truth while the mainstream corporate media lies in a discredited puddle of their own making.

Having neutralized the media Trump was on his way to conquering the final obstacle in his way.  And, that obstacle was a formidable one.

Trump was faced with squaring off against the most powerful, corrupt, and best-funded candidate any party has put forth in our lifetimes and, perhaps, ever to exist in American history.  And, the popular departing president and his Frist Lady were campaigning against Trump as aggressively as if they were running against him.

When the dust cleared in the early morning hours of November 9th Trump had roundly defeated Hillary Clinton and had finally rid the American people of the detestable and treasonous House of Clinton.

Now the mainstream corporate media is championing the House of Representatives and the Senate as the final firewall that will stop Trump from gaining approval for his populist anti-globalist agenda and his plans to thoroughly investigate the corruption that permeates every corridor of our government. 

This narrative belies the realities of legislative politics.  The fact is legislators begin running for re-election from the time they first take their oaths of office.  Not only will Donald Trump find broad approval for his legislative initiatives from Republicans, many of whom rode to victory on his coattails but also because they themselves had run against the excesses of the Obama administration on these same issues.

Because of the overwhelming sweep of elected offices across every sector of the political landscape in this year’s elections by Republicans, Senate Democrats who have any hope of being re-elected in 2018 will be forced to cross the aisle and join hands with Trump. 

Any politician who refuses to support Trump’s agenda will be forced to explain to his or her constituents why and they will be facing off against a president who was given a mandate by those voters and appears ready to publicly challenge his opponents if necessary.

Those who see the Senate as the Democrats’ final firewall because of its requirement that 60 votes are necessary to advance any legislation are howling at the moon.  The fact is Democrats will be defending 25 of the 33 Senate seats to be contested in 2018 and 10 of them are in states that Donald Trump just won.

If this is Donald Trump’s final hurdle then the American people who voted for him as our last best hope should be confident that Trump is well on his way to implementing an expansive agenda to restore freedom, faith in government, and prosperity to America.