Downstream Consequences of Virtual Classes… Tennessee School District Demands Parents Not Monitor Lessons… Fear of Unmasking Common Core Agenda

The Rutherford County School District actually had the temerity to demand that parents agree not to watch their virtual indoctrination sessions.  What are they afraid of?

After receiving significant pushback the school district relented… somewhat.  The authoritarian doctrinaires will now allow parents to tune in with permission from the teacher but they are denied the right to record the classes.

James Evans, communications director for Rutherford County Schools attempted to explain what most parents would see as the administration’s indefensible position…

“We are aware of the concern that has been raised about this distance-learning letter that was sent to parents.

“We have issued new guidance to principles that parents can assist their children during virtual group lessons with permission of the instructor but should refrain from sharing or recordings any information about other students in the classroom.” 

Let’s see whether they can enforce that demand, either.

Laurie Cardoza-Moore is the founder of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations (PJTN). 

Ms. Cardoza-Moore has served as Special Envoy to the United Nations where she advocates for human rights and anti-Semitism on behalf of 44 million Christians and Jews. 

During an appearance on Fox and Friends Weekend, Cardoza-Moore a homeschooling mother of five, raises some important questions as to the motivations of teachers and school administrators… Questions that should concern every parent who question why their children reject the values they spent years trying to instill in them…

“What are they trying to hide? What is the problem? Why won’t they let us sit in?” 

“Obviously, because they are teaching our children propaganda that they should not be teaching.  They are trying to socialize our children.”

“We have had a major problem in education, not just here in Tennessee, but across the country where they are indoctrinating our children with propaganda.”

“It’s ridiculous. It’s so hypocritical because they’ve been data mining our children for years, compliments of common core.”