What Donald Trump Learned From Endorsing Renee Ellmers

ELDER PATRIOT – When Reince Priebus first approached Donald Trump about endorsing Renee Ellmers she was trailing the leading opponent in her primary race by over thirty points.  Priebus didn’t tell Trump that.  He also didn’t tell Trump that he was asking him to endorse a candidate that if elected would vote against Trump’s signature initiatives – trade and border security.  In the interest of good faith and to demonstrate his allegiance to the party, Trump naively made a robo-call in support of her.

It had little effect. Ellmers was crushed by her more conservative opponent, soundly renounced by voters who’d had enough of her claims of conservative fidelity while voting with the Democrats as often as not.  Ironically, in defeat Trump still won because he will have a congressman more sympathetic to his agenda if he wins the presidency.

Priebus had laid a trap for Trump and Trump foolishly stepped in it.  The voters of North Carolina’s Second Congressional District rejected Ellmers by more than a 2-1 margin, something that is virtually unheard of for incumbent House members. 

As a Representative who won election by touting her conservative bona fides, Ellmers’ voting record was anything but conservative.  The Conservative Review has given her a rating of 53%. 

Ellmers has been staunchly pro amnesty and steadfast in her support of open borders and supported giving President Obama Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) in accordance with Paul Ryan, positions that are diametrically opposed to those that have fueled Donald Trump’s ascendency.

Trump learned an important lesson in the embarrassment of defeat; trust no one in Washington.  The results of this primary only served to reinforce Trump’s belief in “being himself” and pounding his message of America First, the duplicitous politicians of the party be damned.

Now, as Paul Ryan and Reince Priebus journey to Utah to take part in Mitt Romney’s “Experts and Enthusiasts” retreat, it is noteworthy that this is the closest thing to a #NeverTrump convention anywhere on earth with the exception of a meeting at the United Nations. 

What is the reason for their animus against Trump?  The answer to that is simple.  Trump is an existential threat to their plans for even greater corporate control of a globally managed world economy, something that they have plans to be the financial beneficiaries of.  These Globalists have spent billions of dollars on political campaigns over many decades to bring us to the point we are at today.  For them this is the singular most important work of their lives if the rich are to get even richer.

The optics of Priebus, Ryan and other prominent Republicans attending Romney’s summit has been orchestrated at this time to damage Donald Trump.  Trump is an expert on imaging and knows how the optics are meant to play, just as he now realizes that Priebus used Renee Ellmers’ primary loss to embarrass him.

This explains why Trump has been quietly distancing himself from Speaker Ryan in preparation for an all out break from the Wisconsin congressman. 

Trump now knows why President Harry Truman once commented, “You want a friend in Washington?  Get a dog.”