Donald Trump Just Reversed Obama’s Orders to DHS. Veterans Cannot Believe What the President Did…

ELDER PATRIOT – When Obama appointed left-wing activist and America-hater Janet Napolitano as head of Homeland Security even those of us who knew her couldn’t believe that she’d go to the extremes she did in redefining the terrorist threat.

By now everyone is aware that under President Obama’s orders the term “radical Islamic terrorist” was purged from the government’s official lexicon.  But it’s who they replaced them at the top of DHS’s most threatening groups that had Americans in an uproar.

Irrespective of facts, Janet Napolitano issued a report that labeled the terror groups most likely to cause harm in the United States to be Christians, veterans and anti-abortion groups.  Anti-abortion groups – you know those violent thugs who insist on not hurting babies!

Well President Trump’s choice to Head Homeland Security is John Kelly who served our nation as both an enlisted Marine and an officer.  He has a record of working with our allies across agencies, the private sector, and with independent experts to identify innovative, comprehensive solutions to current and emerging threats. These assignments—while varied—shared the common characteristics of working within and leading large, complex, and diverse mission-focused organizations while under great pressure to produce results.

Clearly, Kelly brings immense qualifications to the job.  He’s not a political hack like Janet Napolitano was and is, or like her successors Randy Beers or Jeh Johnson proved to be.

And guess what the first thing this incredibly accomplished Trump appointee did he made border security our number one security issue.  Gone from his written testimony to a House Committee on Homeland Security is any mention of “right-wing- extremist groups, Christians, pro-lifers, and VETERANS!!!

It’s about time our brave veterans are afforded the respect that they have earned.  In fact, it’s the military-hating radical left-wingers who are rioting, causing property damage, starting fires and beating on peaceful Trump supporters that are likely to move to the top of DHS’ list of those posing the greatest threat to America.

Now if Trump can ever get Congress to work with him he might be able to get the spending approval from them so that we can supply our active duty warriors with the most advanced equipment available in order to guarantee that not a single one of them dies or is maimed in a way that could’ve been prevented, and, that they receive post service care they so deserve and that is commensurate with the sacrifices they have made in service to their country.