ELDER PATRIOT – After last week’s failure to repeal and replace Obamacare the mainstream media predicted it signaled the end of Donald Trump’s presidency because it proved him to be an ineffective leader.

We immediately opined differently.  Noting that Speaker Ryan had sought to undermine Donald Trump from the time he became the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination we suggested President Trump had orchestrated the failure in order to neuter Ryan from continuing to be a thorn in his side”

“In a brilliant Machiavellian move President Trump gave Ryan all the rope he needed to hang himself.  And, the Speaker obliged.”


“To those who say this was a defeat for President Trump consider how much easier he will find things now that Paul Ryan has been neutered.  While yesterday was not an outright win for President Trump it was for the American people who Trump has promised to represent.

“With Ryan now out of the way President Trump can begin putting his vaunted negotiating skills to work and come up with a far better plan for the majority of Americans.  There is plenty of time for Trump to recover from this setback but it’s hard to see how Ryan can which means the president can expect clearer sailing for his agenda – the agenda of the American people.”

Now we have proof that President Trump had indeed set a trap that the arrogant Wisconsin Rep. walked right into.  In a new survey, Ryan’s favorability rating has plummeted to 39% while his unfavorable have soared to 52%.  That makes him 9 points more disliked than Chuck Schumer!!!

What about the other half of our prediction?  A Marquette University poll shows Donald Trump has surpassed Ryan in popularity in Ryan’s home state of Wisconsin for the first time.

As the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel concluded after reviewing the poll’s findings, “That’s a seismic shift from a year earlier when more Republicans in Wisconsin viewed him negatively than positively. In a state where Trump suffered a big primary loss and clashed repeatedly with party leaders last year, he’s now as popular with GOP voters (83% net favorability) as Gov. Scott Walker, and slightly more popular than Ryan (73%).”

It was also reported today that President Trump has personally taken charge of forging Healthcare legislation (as wee predicted last week) that will address a Constitutional fix to Obamacare guaranteeing the lowest possible costs to the American consumer.

When will these politicians finally fall in line and admit that they are no match for President Trump, especially those politicians who want to continue fleecing Americans for their corporate benefactors?  Perhaps that explains why they want him out by any means necessary.

Donald Trump – representing truth, justice, and the American way.  And one shrewd dude too!