Why Doesn’t Mueller Have Any Questions For John Kerry? His Office Approved Indicted Russians’ Visa’s

Elder Patriot – Robert Mueller was hailed as a superior investigator and a man of unquestioned integrity when he was appointed special prosecutor to look into whether Donald Trump colluded with Russia to give him an advantage in the 2016 presidential election.

Mueller has proven to be neither.

He handed down a 37-page indictment against 13 Russian operatives and 3 Russian entities.  The text of the indictment led Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to declare:

“There is no allegation in this indictment that any American was a knowing participant in this illegal activity.”

Not so fast, Rod. 

Mueller’s prosecutorial blinders led him to ignore evidence that there indeed had been some American involvement but he had chosen not to investigate that line of questioning.

For some historical perspective, in August of 2017, we questioned whether Mueller was guilty of “detective myopia,” after he botched the Anthrax case in 2001.  Detective myopia is a condition where detectives become so obsessed in proving their case that they lose all objectivity. 

He had locked in on Steven Hatfill and refused to consider any other potential suspects.

It took 7 years before Hatfill was exonerated and the government forced to fork over $4.6 million for Mueller’s ill-conceived pursuit.

Or, perhaps Mueller had simply succumbed to political pressure to close the case at that time.  

Either way, we concluded he was not the man to be leading the investigation into the president of the United States.

Well yesterday’s indictments, coupled with Rosenstein’s declaration, would appear to be another case of Mueller doggedly chasing one target while ignoring all others even though evidence suggested he should.

Secretary of State, John Kerry, approved the entry Visas for the Russians indicted yesterday.  You would think that Mueller would, at the very least, have sought to question him or someone under him as to what they might’ve known at the time.

Perhaps this time it’s not a case of myopia but rather Mueller’s determination to protect John Kerry, and other members of the Obama administration in an effort to hide his own criminality in the Uranium One case.

Whatever the reasons, Mueller is not the man of prosecutorial integrity he was held out to us as being.