DNC Chairman Candidate Admits Our Worst Fears About Democrats Are True

ELDER PATRIOT – Amazing but true, one of the candidates to become the next Chair of the “Democratic” Party has promised to resort to silencing political dissent if she becomes the party’s leader.

It’s actually scary to listen to her pitch when you consider that she is vying to lead one of our two major political parties.

“My job is to shut other white people down when they want to say, ‘Oh no I’m not prejudiced, I’m a Democrat, I’m accepting.” One can only imagine the invectives she’ll be hurling at Republicans.

Is she delusional, stupid, or just trying to turn the “Democratic Party” into the minority party for the foreseeable future?

Boynton Brown is openly advocating ignoring, or even worse silencing, the opinions and wants of the majority of Americans to give favor to the dissident minority that largely weren’t involved in building this country and have, in fact, increasingly become a drain on our country’s resources and its taxpayers.

Shutting up three-quarters of the nation’s population, who pay far in excess of that percentage in taxes, is the definition of fascism.  Democracy is founded on government that favors the wants and needs of the majority of Americans.  Clearly Boynton Brown doesn’t favor democracy.  Perhaps Boynton Brown’s first oder of business if elected would be to rename her party the DFP – the Democrat Fascist Party.

That doesn’t mean that minorities should be silenced.  It’s important that everyone’s grievances be given ample public debate for consideration by all of America’s voters.  But it does mean that every voice should and must be heard so that the majority of voters are equipped to make both moral and sensible decisions.

Does Boynton Brown really think the way to return the “Democratic” Party to a position of legitimate leadership is to ignore the majority of Americans, in fact to “shut them up?”

Please, please, please, everyone call your nearest elected Democrat office holder and demand that they support Sally Boynton Brown to be the next head of their party.

How great will it be to hear the Democrats’ leader telling white people to STFU?  They’ve been skirting around saying this for quite a while as they’ve built their minority coalition but it’s refreshing to hear at least one party leader openly admit that’s been their strategy all along.

Exposing the Democratic Party in this manner is just one more thing for which we can thank President Donald Trump.