DNC Chair to Megyn Kelly: “Thank God I Have Not Had My Emails Stolen”

ELDER PATRIOT – DNC Chairwoman, Donna Brazile was interviewed by Megyn Kelly on Wednesday night.  Kelly asked Brazile to explain an email that Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta’s received from the Clinton campaign’s Director of Communications, Jennifer Palmieri.

In the email Palmieri tells Podesta that Brazile had supplied one of the upcoming debate questions to the Clinton campaign verbatim.

Re: From time to time I get the questions in advance


From:[email protected]

To:  [email protected],[email protected]

Date: 2016-03-12 19:41

Subject: Re: From time to time I get the questions in advance

Brazile clearly had no answer so, in typical Clinton fashion, she says she won’t comment on unsubstantiated stolen emails.  She’s so desperate to provide some legitimacy to that answer that she actually thanks God that there’s been no release of her emails.

Team Clinton’s strategy was made abundantly clear by Mrs. Clinton immediately upon the discovery of her use of a private email server, destroy the 33,000 incriminating emails that they know about and, besmirch the integrity of the 100,000’s of thousands that Wikileaks is providing that they couldn’t destroy.

Mrs. Clinton once infamously asked, “What difference – at this point, what difference does it make?” 

Here’s the answer:

Even those who still want to believe that Mrs. Clinton had nothing to do with any of the wrongdoing and conspiracy to commit wrongdoing by those in positions of power in her campaign have to admit that she has surrounded herself with the most corrupt people imaginable.

Her failure to choose persons of high character and integrity to fill the most important positions that are intended to provide her with support and advice, and then to keep them in these positions of power even after they have been exposed for their unethical, immoral and often illegal activities, gives us a glimpse into how Mrs. Clinton will govern if elected president.

The last time the Washington swamp was drained was in 1974 when Richard Nixon was forced to resign by honorable members of his own party who believed he had stepped far over the line and had betrayed the public trust.

Today, the swamp has become so infested that Mrs. Clinton’s party walks in lockstep defending her.  But, what makes the swamp so much more dangerous today are the Republicans who insist on distancing themselves from the candidate promising to bring respect for the rule of law back to Washington.

Today there are precious few in government, elected or otherwise, who are willing to do the heavy lifting necessary to drain the D.C. swamp and restore our government to serving the people of this country.

You have an opportunity to do it yourself on November 8th.  If you vote for Hillary Clinton you will have only yourself to blame in the future.