Disgusting: See Who Establishment Politicians are Forcing to Pay For the Immigrant Invasion

ELDER PATRIOT – Because Donald Trump was willing to put his personal fortune at risk to fight the immigrant invasion of the United States, we are now discovering just how nefarious the establishment politicians’ plans are for our nation’s seniors.

This January, Social Security recipients received a whopping 0.387% increase in their benefits.  This comes on the heels of no increase in 2016 and represents 1/10 of the increase in the cost of living over the same time period.

Keeping this in mind remember that every presidential candidate other than Donald Trump stood before the American people claiming that we could no longer afford the $888 Billion annual expenditure that our seniors depend on to survive..

F*ck the seniors, we can’t afford them, was the rally cry of the establishment.  Trump said, then and continues to say now, if that’s the case then f*ck the establishment.

Trump was the only candidate from either party to declare Social Security sacrosanct and swore to defend and strengthen it. 

Establishment politicians have been running our government at a deficit for decades so that the current level of debt imperils our economy should they decide to raise interest rates to force a collapse.  Do not discount this potentiality.  They are desperate to stop Trump and this may be their doomsday scenario.

So with an ever-increasing annual deficit it’s fair to ask where is this money going?

A significant portion of the annual deficit goes directly to immigrants both legal and illegal.  Welfare benefits, alone, to households headed by immigrants costs over $103 billion annually. 

This is money we have to borrow from our children while they are in turn forced to watch their parents and grandparents struggle with the dwindling buying power from their Social Security benefits.  Why isn’t at least a portion of the money spent on providing a comfortable life for immigrants redirected towards seniors so that the “sacred trust” between government and its citizens is strengthened?

Why have we allowed establishment politicians to import refugees that each cost Americans upwards of $65,000 annually when our seniors are left to exist on an average of $16,104 annually? 

These are only the direct costs associated with immigration.  The financial impact of immigration – legal or illegal – results in many billions of dollars more in debt from these indirect costs:

  • Border enforcement – $18 Billion
  • Medical care in only Texas, California, and Arizona – $14 Billion

Add in the cost of building and staffing schools, increased policing costs, increased court costs including public defenders, increased FBI surveillance costs, increased auto insurance rates to cover uninsured immigrant drivers, the displacement costs associated with displaced native-born workers that includes welfare and unemployment costs, the devastating effects of violent crime, etc., etc., and you are left wondering how and why Americans tolerated the establishment politicians who defrauded our seniors so horribly and for so long.

With in excess of $20 Trillion in debt and the annual deficit exceeding $1 Trillion it’s past time to stop calling us a rich nation.  We are a debtor nation that must start making smart decisions on where we cut expenses and who gets what’s left.  We can no longer spend money because it makes us feel good to do so.

With the exception of protecting the homeland from an invasion, morality demands we keep our promises to those who spent a lifetime paying taxes ahead of anything else.  There is virtually no acceptable excuse for going into debt otherwise. 

How upside down are things when we are funding the invasion of our homeland instead of taking care of our seniors?