Dianne Feinstein Fumes as Trump Pays Her Back, Bigly.

Elder Patriot – Talk about gall.  Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee,is fuming over President Trump’s snub of the traditional blue slip privilege.

Blue slips refer to the practice of honoring a home state senator’s decision to disqualify a judicial nominee based solely on his or her say so.  They are not binding however.

Trump is ignoring Feinstein’s blue slips while he works to bring some semblance of judicial restraint to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Sen. Feinstein believed that she had reached a deal with President Trump on a three-judge package nearly a year ago.  Feinstein was willing to forego blue slips on two of Trump’s nominees to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, if he agreed to a radical left wing judge of her choosing.

That was then.  Before she orchestrated the savaging of Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in the most disgusting manner conceivable and without cause.

It was likely also before President Trump understood the role Feinstein, a member of the Gang of Eight during the lead up to the 2016 presidential election, played in the FBI’s attempted coup against him.  

It was also before it was discovered that Feinstein had a Chinese spy working as her office manager for the past 20 years.

Trump owes Feinstein nothing, and certainly not any courtesies.  Trump has been

Trump also knows that a former Democratic Senate Intelligence Committee staffer for Dianne Feinstein, acting with her blessings, raised $50 million from between 7 and 10 progressive donors willing to quadruple down on proving the veracity of the phony Steele dossier.

Jones departure came well after Feinstein knew there was nothing to the collusion charge.  

So President Trump is determined to nominate only conservative jurists to the Ninth Circuit.

“Before President Trump took office, the blue slip had been a Senate practice for nearly one century. And during the past 100 years, before this presidency, the Senate confirmed only five judges with only one blue slip, and the last one was in 1989 – and in 100 years the Senate had never confirmed a judge without two blue slips,” Feinstein lamented.

Feinstein’s complaint is laughable now that we know the much more longer and important tradition – the more than two-century peaceful transition of power – was under assault and she had a leadership position in the attempted coup.

Feinstein should be prepared to blow a gasket over what Trump has planned next.

From Axios:

President Trump told confidants he had big plans for Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

“I’m saving her for Ginsburg,” Trump said of Barrett, according to three sources familiar with the president’s private comments.

Barrett is firmly pro-life and she’s young.  She’s the polar opposite of Ginsburg making this selection all the more difficult for Feinstein to accept.  I’m sure Trump is relishing the thought of that.

Then there’s the sweet revenge that President Trump derive from replacing Justice Ginsburg, who blasted him when he was a candidate, with someone committed to undoing the damage she has done to the fabric of our society over the past quarter century.

Axios rightly claims that Barrett’s “nomination would throw gas on the culture-wars fires.”

That may be but Trump knows whatever the left has planned can’t get worse than the shitshow they staged againt Kavanaugh.

Trump is relishing every aspect of the coming war.  The Dems have already shot their wad. Trump is just getting started.  For Feinstein and her ilk, payback will be a bitch.