Diamond and Silk to Fascist Congressmen: “Yo Black Slavers Stop Holding Us Down!”

Elder Patriot – Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, better known by their Facebook followers and legions of Trump supporters as Diamond and Silk, were invited to provide testimony to the House Judiciary Committee today.  The experts, aside from Diamond and Silk, were three highly polished leftwing lawyers doubling as lobbyists.  House Democrats believed the trap had been set.

Diamond and Silk hadn’t read the script where they were expected to be exposed as stupid black chicks and they set about steamrolling their Democrat inquisitors to the point of embarrassment – embarrassment for the voters who elected these frauds to represent them in the first place.   

Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), the ranking member of the committee was so astonished that two black women could answer questions so factually and with so much authority that he claimed they couldn’t possibly represent a wider group of aggrieved Facebook users, not Black Facebook users anyways, and dismissed Facebook’s censorship of their account as “anecdotal.” 

Hey, but what would you expect from a rich, fat, race-baiting white Democratic powerbroker?  After all, the Klan was founded by rich, fat, race-baiting white Democratic powerbrokers.

It was the questioning by the Black members of the Democratic caucus on the committee though that exposed their ignorance and how dismissive of freethinking Blacks these Congressional Black Slavers are willing to be in order to keep their Black brethren in “line.”

Congressman Hank Johnson (D-GA) took home the award for the most embarrassing performance.  Johnson is no stranger to this award having been the runaway winner in 2011 when he openly questioned if Guam would capsize. 

The race was a closer this time around but Ol’ Hank proved he still had it in him – that’s a nice way to say he’s still a moron after almost seven more years in Washington.

Poor Hank, whose been fleecing his constituents for more than 11 years, charged Diamond and Silk with “making a ton of money or Facebook.”  Ain’t no uppity Black women supposed to do that, don’t ya know.

Watching Black slaver Hank made me rethink the value of the Department of Education after witnessing first-hand just how stupid the voters of Georgia’s Fourth Congressional District must be.  This mutt is in his sixth term and he hasn’t gotten the DOE to raise the educational standards even a little bit in his district yet?

The award for most venial was a close call but went to Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) who was intent on tripping up the fearless duo by confusing then on dates in a trap reminiscent of Al Franken’s on Jeff Sessions. 

Black slaver Jackson Lee kept hammering them in an attempt to get an admission that they lied about being contacted directly by Facebook prior to appearing on the Laura Ingraham show when they hadn’t been.  The girls were way ahead of Jackson Lee and let her know there would be no sound bites coming from a cheap splicing effort by Media Matters.

The award for most hypocritical went to Representative Hakeem Jeffries whose plantation boss in the 2016 election – Hillary Clinton – has recently been accused of failing to report $84,000,000 to the Federal Election Commission during her campaign.

Jeffries, another black slaver tried to discredit Diamond and Silk for accepting payment from the Trump campaign for, get this, $1,274.94.  The payment was a reimbursement for travel expenses.

When Jeffries made his ridiculous assertion that was some form of remuneration Silk unloaded on him:

“We’re familiar with that particular lie. We see that you do look at fake news.” 

“What should have happened is, you should have come to our mouth to see what exactly happened, before a false narrative was put out there about the $1,274.94. 

“There may have been a mistake from the Trump campaign when they wrote what the $1,274.94 was for. Actually, this was because we were asked to join the ‘Women for Trump’ tour.

“And Ms. Laura Trump asked that our airline tickets be refunded back to us because we paid for those tickets when we went from New York to Ohio.

“We’ve never been paid by the Trump campaign.” 

The only saving grace for the Congressional Black Slavers was that this hearing wasn’t televised and only available through online feeds. 

But it doesn’t matter any longer.  Between Kanye West, and Rapper Chance, Blacks are woke and time’s are a changing.