Despite Massive Spending by the Elites Results of Special Elections Spell Trouble for Democrats

ELDER PATRIOT – Yesterday’s special elections to fill previously held Republican seats in the House of Representatives revealed the weakness of the socialist-Marxist movement in the United States.  The seats had been made vacant when President Trump appointed the Republicans who held them to his cabinet.

While things can still change when the run-off elections are held, the reality is that Republicans are likely to hold all four seats in Georgia, Kansas, Montana and South Carolina. The facts clearly point to growing Republican strength in the 2018 midterms.

The Democrats threw everything including the kitchen sink into the campaign of Jon Ossoff in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District and still fell short.  In fact, Ossoff is on track to garner a smaller percentage – albeit marginally – of the vote than Hillary Clinton did in this district in 2016.

This comes following nearly a year of massive spending aimed at ginning up hatred of President Trump through the funding of riots, public displays of disaffection, and the promotion of false narratives about Trump’s taxes and a fabricated association with Vladimir Putin and the Russians.

Oh, and outspending Trump and other Republicans wildly in elections.  Clinton outspent Trump by more than two to one and lost.  Progressive moneymen backing Ossoff increased that spending difference and still lost, and by a larger margin.

It’s becoming apparent that despite all of the commentary to the opposite coming from the mainstream media charged with resurrecting the tattered Left-Right paradigm, there is no amount of money that the Elites can spend that will result in the majority of voters choosing to destroy the American dream.

Hatred is a powerful human emotion but it can only be sustained for so long and as America begins the long process of economic recovery and more people return to work, Trump’s popularity will only increase.  This will give him leverage against Republicans blocking his America First agenda in the 2018 Republican primaries where real changes in Washington’s old boys club can really be effected.

All of this has realistic Marxists, er Democrats wondering what is left for them?