Desperate Democrats Will Stop at Nothing to Destroy our Governing Institutions

Elder Patriot – There’s no telling what unseemly “surprises” Democrats have planned for today’s extra-judicial hearing on Brett Kavanaugh’s fitness for appointment to the Supreme Court.

Their grip on any vestige of power hangs in the balance leaving Democrats desperate to block Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court by any means necessary.  

They have abused the vetting process from the outset, beginning with corrupt Senator Dianne (Chinese spy) Feinstein’s decision to sit on accuser Christine Blasey-Ford’s letter for more than a month until the regular hearings were over.

Only then did Feinstein “out” Blasey-Ford who had requested anonymity.  Keep that in mind when Dr. Ford is filleted by an experienced female prosecutor.  

Dems, with the help of their allies in the mainstream propaganda media, will attempt to convince how uncaring towards victims of sexual assault this shows Republicans to be.  Then remember, it was Senator Feinstein who put her in this jackpot.

The fact is this hearing – if it comes off – should never have been held in the first place.

As Andrew C. McCarthy so eloquently points out :

“In the first 150 years of constitutional governance, nominees did not appear at confirmation hearings.”

Not until television came along and provided Democrats with the opportunity to grandstand for political gain did this change.  A judge’s written record, coupled with an FBI background investigation, “was more than sufficient for lawmakers to appraise their suitability.”

There have been six (6) FBI investigations of nominee Kavanaugh, and his more than 300 written opinions is more than all, or almost all, previous Supreme Court nominees.

But Democrats insist on turning this into a shitshow and have, “suddenly” in an amazing turn of incredibly good fortune (for them) have at least three women come forward to make independent claims of sexual misconduct against Judge Kavanaugh.

Democrats goal here is to turn this into a sham trial.  But if it were a legitimate trial, and not a political circus, it wouldn’t be taking place at all.  

McCarthy continues:

“… the case would be thrown out if we were operating under trial standards. The allegations are hopelessly stale, and the Judiciary Committee would be disqualified as fact-finder because its members have already made up their minds about the outcome.”

Please read McCarthy’s column.

That the Democrats’ fully understand this is inarguable but they are desperate. And, desperate people (and political parties) do desperate things.  

I know, you’re thinking why don’t they just start representing the interests of America and Americans and win elections that way.  That’s not their intent as evidenced by policies bordering on the absurd – open borders, higher taxes, economy-strangling regulations, neutering law enforcement, and allowing the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

Their intent is to create political theater.  To that end it’s anybody’s guess as to what they’ll pull today.