The Deplorable Basket Case That Spent Her Life Helping No One But Herself

ELDER PATRIOT – Note: I am writing this now because I do not want to write anything bad about the dead.

Many of the world’s most notorious criminals were brilliant men and women who realized ways to circumvent the laws that no one had previously thought of or in ways that avoided detection.  Others who achieved great wealth simply cast a wider net over their victims.  Mrs. Clinton has done both.

There is no doubt that Mrs. Clinton has a very high IQ but she spent her life defrauding people rather than helping them. 

Where Bill Clinton was a Populist whose only goal was to get re-elected and feed his libido, Hillary is a Marxist, not because she believes in some idealistic vision of shared wealth – her charitable contributions go entirely to her own foundation of which 85-90% remain under her control – but because control of the government offers the widest net possible to defraud the greatest number of people possible.

The title of Mrs. Clinton’s senior thesis tells the story of Hillary’s life, There Is Only The Fight.” 

Now, Hillary’s good little sycophants will think this means that she wants to be their leader in the fight against the rich and powerful elites who wish to steal whatever small gains they make from a lifetime of hard work.  Her unfortunate followers have followed her off of a cliff like they would the lead lemming as though she was their savior.  But, as the lead lemming, Hillary is wearing a parachute, and it is a golden one.

Contained within Mrs. Clinton’s thesis is her admiration for Saul Alinsky who she marveled for being, “that rare specimen, the successful radical.”

The young Hillary knew Alinsky very well and also participated in his other pursuit – ripping off local businessmen.  Lee Stranahan, who has studied Alinsky in depth came to this conclusion:

One thing that’s clear from the interview is that Alinsky was neither an idealist nor an ideologue. This is also an important revelation about Barack Obama; despite all the talk about the morality of social justice, it’s just a whitewash for turning the engine of government into what amounts to a money skimming operation, and gaining power for the sake of power.”

The interview Stranahan refers to is one Alinsky sat for with Playboy shortly before his death.  I’m sorry to report that the interview has, like so many proofs of Obama and Hillary’s sordid past, been scrubbed from the Internet so I cannot provide you with a direct link to it.

Stranahan cites Obama consistently because he was writing during the 2012 presidential race.  The fact is Hillary is to Obama what Carlo Gambino was to a street capo.  Where Obama embraced the principles for gaining power that Alinsky advanced he never met him.  And, as primarily an ideologue Obama sought power to lead a movement.  He failed in that quest because he was too naïve to understand the powerful forces who he had gotten in bed with. 

Hillary, on the other hand not only met Alinsky and embraced his methods, she became his greatest devotee. 

And it was a case of the student surpassing her teacher as eventually, Hillary developed a plan to eclipse anything Alinsky dared envision.   Where Alinsky was content stealing milk from a dairy farm Hillary’s plan was to gain control of the bank that held the mortgage and the to foreclose on the farm.

By controlling the levers of government Hillary knew she would be able to accelerate bankruptcies in ways that banks cannot. 

Banks cannot force you to borrow money.  Government can.

Banks are forbidden from allowing you to borrow beyond your means.  Government is not.

Banks, except for the Federal Reserve, are powerless to control the value of money.  Government in the form of its appointees to the Federal Reserve can change the value of money by simply controlling the supply of it.

Banks cannot force you to pay back the money you owe.  Government can.

Clinton’s plan is as brilliant as it is diabolical.  And, while we will never know for certain that is why she aspires to run the world we do know that she can see the throne from where she now sits. 

We also can look at her track record for clues.  Forgetting her rhetoric of “continuing the fight” for the little people, what has her lifetime in public service yielded in benefits for those who have supported her?

While she distracts us over issues that she conveniently flip-flops on according to prevailing public opinion – TPP, gay rights, and gay marriage, as examples – one thing has remained constant, America is speeding towards bankruptcy, the one issue she has refused to address, even in passing, since she first took elected office in 2001.

Since January 2001 when Mrs. Clinton first took public office as a senator from New York, the median income of Americans has dropped 10% in inflation-adjusted dollars. 

Real Median Household Income in the United States - FRED - St. Louis Fed

How has Mrs. Clinton fared over the same time span?  When the Clinton’s left the White House in early 2001 Hillary declared them to be “dead broke.”  They are now worth in excess of $135 million and control an additional $2 billion through their family charity.  Clearly, she does not feel your pain.

Over that same period government debt, that you are responsible for, not the government grew over three and a half times from $5.7 trillion to $20 trillion.

Imagine if you would a bank that had similar ability to control you personal financial condition that was headed by a corrupt CEO who was lending money only with the intent of confiscating your property sometime in the future.  Fifteen years after buying your home and dutifully paying your mortgage every month you find out that your original $57,000 mortgage now has a principal balance of $200,000 and your payments have been increased by 10%.

If the bank were to be able to raise interest rates on your mortgage as they pleased that would make your situation even more tenuous.  The bank can’t.  The government through the Federal Reserve, can.  And, that is exactly what they are contemplating doing at the current time.

You’d be correct in expecting the government to protect you from such a predatory scheme but who protects you when government becomes the criminal element threatening you?

Hillary, the self-proclaimed champion of the little people remained silent while this plan was being foisted on the American people waiting her turn to seize control of the entire apparatus and complete the bankrupting of America with the beneficiaries being her self and her donors from the financial sector who have overwhelmingly supported her candidacy.  If only we could know what she promised the financial executives in those speeches she gave to them at a half million dollars a pop!

Mrs. Clinton is also touting her vast experience in government as a reason for voting for her.  So what about her time as the most powerful and smartest women in the world?

There are popular Internet videos circulating that find Hillary supporters speechless when asked for her single most important accomplishment.  To be fair most people are too ignorant of any candidate’s accomplishments to answer correctly but the sad truth is Mrs. Clinton does not have a single accomplishment worth noting.

The fact is her resume is nothing more than a list of failures starting with her time as a New York senator that saw the state’s poor economic worsen during her 8 years in office, her support for seemingly endless wars, and the emergence of a surveillance apparatus on Americans that rival that of any of the world’s most oppressive regimes.

Her tenure as Secretary of State that was worse if one can imagine that.  Under Mrs. Clinton one international crisis followed another and culminated in a nuclearized Iran, the spread of hostilities in the Middle East, China and North Korea flexing their muscles in Southeast Asia, the Russians re-emerging as a threat to Eastern Europe, the Balkans and even expanding their influence into the Middle East, Western Europe facing an invasion of Muslims, and worldwide terrorism with a larger and more threatening footprint than ever.

What about the personal qualities we’d like in our president, integrity, honesty, and the projection of strength? 

Mrs. Clinton is arguably the most corrupt person ever to seek the office of president.  The Tammany Society controlled New York City.  Mrs. Clinton seeks control of the entire country along with a good portion of the rest of the free world through the trade deals that she has supported, with the most recent ones having been written by her.

Honesty?  Not even her supporters believe she is honest.  Every recent poll shows that a full two-thirds of voters consider her “dishonest and untrustworthy.”

What about her ability to project strength?  Mrs. Clinton’s recent public appearances have left even her most strident followers concerned that she may be too feeble to finish this campaign let alone to put in the long arduous hours required daily to be an effective president.

Despite having nothing to recommend her for the presidency Hillary has garnered the support of society’s blind believers simply by continuing the Obama strategy of campaigning against the system…that he continued doing even after he became the system. 

It worked for Obama who used his never-ending campaign against “the powers that be” while in office to keep from being held accountable for the direction the country is heading in.  With upwards of two-thirds of voters decidedly unhappy with the direct the country is headed in, the president has still managed to convince slightly more than 50% of the voters he’s working to fix things. 

Mrs. Clinton is now trying to duplicate the Obama strategy even though she has been a major part of implementing the policies over the past fifteen years that have done so much damage home and abroad.

Mrs. Clinton’s life has been a study in deplorable behavior.  There have been too many shady financial deals, too many failed policies, too many of her supporters in worse financial shape than they were before her help, too many dead bodies, too much that’s bad and not a single thing that’s good.

If her goal was to become the world’s top criminal she has accomplished that.  She controls billions of dollars and lives like a queen.  If her goal was to live a life of public service she has failed miserably. 

To paraphrase Mrs. Clinton, she is a deplorable basket case.