Dems Twenty-Five Million Dollar Bet On Georgia Special Election Smells of Desperation

ELDER PATRIOT – Tomorrow, Georgians from the Sixth Congressional District will go to the polls to fill the seat that was vacated when Tom Price joined President Trump’s cabinet as Secretary of Health and Human Services.

The election will mark the culmination of a desperate attempt by Democrats to win somewhere and interrupt the silent majority’s support of the Trump train.

The Democrat’s have poured $25 million behind their candidate Jon Ossoff.  To put that in perspective consider that there are 535 Congressional Districts.  That translates to over $13 billion if they chose to compete in a similar way for every one America’s congressional seats.

If that sounds like an unfathomable sum it’s because it is.

Only 7 months ago, the Clinton campaign, Democratic Party and pro-Clinton expenditure committees and PACs spent a record $1.2 billion in pursuit of a much bigger prize.  That was twice as much as the $600 million paid out by the Trump camp.

If you see a pattern here that’s because there is one.  Democrats have been forced to significantly outspend Republicans just to appear competitive.

Now they have backed Ossoff’s candidacy with five times the amount that his opponent Karen Handel has raised.  The $25 million represent an eleven-fold multiple of the amount that Clinton spent on average per district while chasing the biggest and most important prize in world politics.

It should be noted that almost all of that money has come from outside the Sixth District.  But then Ossoff doesn’t live in the District either.

On average Clinton spent $2.2 million per each of the United States’ 535 Congressional Districts.

If Ossoff wins in Newt Gingrich’s old district what does it mean?  Democrats are incapable of raising that kind of money in 2018, 2020 or for any election in the next three decades.

If Karen Handel holds the seat for Republicans – and there are strong indications that she will – Democrats would be wise to change their tactics and end their obstructionism.

They won’t of course because they can’t.  Their party has been taken over by the anti-America, self-entitled, immigrant, lunatic fringe that supports the agenda of the United Nations and not the agenda that is best for the United States.

The Democrats want you to believe that a win in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District will prove they have derailed Trump’s momentum.  An objective view of this race leads one to conclude they are like the loser at a gaming table going all in when they should’ve walked away and set about fixing themselves.  Even if they pull a lucky hand their problems remain.