Dems Resort to Stalinist Tactics in a Desperate Attempt to Stop Trump From Exposing Their Role in Ukraine Corruption of U.S. Foreign Aid

Democrats are increasingly left relying on their media assets to justify their Marxist police state tactics.  

On Wednesday we learned the House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) has been subpoenaing the personal phone records of Americans he considers to be his political enemies.  Absent evidence of a crime this is grossly illegal.

Notably, Schiff subpoenaed the phone records of the House Intelligence Committee’s Ranking Member Devin Nunes, President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani, and journalist John Solomon.

Americans should be outraged.  If they can violate the Fourth Amendment protections of powerful people, and the media signals their complicity by remaining silent, what can they do to the rest of us who dare to speak against their tyranny?

Beyond that, it’s clear the media has chosen sides.  As Kim Strassel points out, the media’s hypocrisy on which surveillance is is acceptable and which isn’t:  

Schiff’s behavior is especially troubling following three weeks of impeachment hearings that Schiff chaired and that produced only one fact witness, and the facts that witness testified to exonerated President Trump.

Without evidence, Schiff ordered, and somehow got authorization for a level of illegal surveillance that is a stunning abuse of congressional power.  Hey, why not? Obama appears to have gotten away with a similar abuse of surveillance powers while he was president.

So why has Schiff so egregiously violated the Fourth Amendment protections of those he views as his political opponents?

Consider that, you take maximum flak when you’re directly over the target: