While Dems Insist On DACA Amnesty Another Illegal Alien Destroys The Lives of Two Women

Elder Patriot – It’s really hard to believe that DACA amnesty is the hill the Democrats want to die on but other than begging President Trump to resign they have found themselves out of bullets.

Virtually every day we learn of another heinous crime committed by an illegal alien who had been previously deported for previous crimes.  Defending the indefensible seems to be what the Democrats are intent on doing.

Last week a San Francisco jury comprised of leftwing jackals intent on sending a message to Donald Trump found Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, Kate Steinle’s murderer, not guilty in an act of jury nullification for political reasons.

Zarate had been deported multiple times for violent crimes but the jurors decided that it would be better to welcome this murderer back into their community that to admit they are wedded to a failed sanctuary city policy.

The following day a jury in Portland, Oregon had an epiphany; remove these demons from their midst and send them someplace where they can’t harm other innocent people in their community.

Sergio Jose Martinez had been deported from the United States more than a dozen times in the past.  That didn’t stop him from returning to Portland where he kidnapped and sodomized two different women only hours apart.

Just a week before he was being held in a Portland jail for interfering with the police and lying to them.  You’d think that with 12 previous deportations the police could’ve found a way to detain him and call ICE.

Unfortunately, Oregon is a sanctuary state where the rights of law-abiding taxpayers to be protected in their homes take a back seat to rolling out the welcome mat for criminals that are in our country illegally.

The Portland jury sent a message of their own on Friday when they sentenced Martinez to 35 years in prison after he pled guilty to sodomy, kidnapping, sex abuse and other charges in the separate attacks on two women.

This could’ve all been prevented but Democrats simply refuse to cut off the flow of new voters to their party.

The video of Martinez’s remorseless and arrogant exit from the courtroom on his way to prison would make a powerful campaign ad to be used against Democrat candidates running for office.

The video would show Martinez grinning broadly while two relatives of one of the victims and one of the victims herself was making their statements during the sentencing phase.  The would be followed by the brother of one victim telling the admitted predator, “Sergio, no sentencing is enough. I rather you rot in hell,” 

The political ad would end with Martinez exiting the courtroom and telling the audience, “See all you guys in hell.”