MELTDOWN! Democrats Reactions to Georgia Six Result Are HILARIOUS!

ELDER PATRIOT – The Dems spent $35 million chasing a House seat because they believed it was the ticket to derailing the Trump express.  Money flowed into this district from every Lib stronghold and their candidate’s endorsement list looked like a who’s who of Hollywood.

Here was their chance to put a stake in the ground and pick up a seat that would buoy their mid-term strategy.  The MSM had openly anticipated a night of celebrating and gloating while they turned this election into a referendum on all things Trump..

Then the voters spoke.  Following the predictably inaccurate polls they had been expecting a late night, the result of a razor tight election.  At least Republican voters drove the stake into the Dems and the MSM with the election being called by 10:00 pm.

The early call gave us the opportunity to watch their meltdown before we turned off the television and closed our smart devices for the night.

This was priceless.

Too bad for the PJ Boi that he’ll never find out.

Then they grabbed onto the fact that it rained as though Dems melt from getting wet like the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz. 

It was only discovered later that rain was falling on Republicans, also.

Wait, let’s not forget their tin-foil hat crazies:

Maybe the Russians didn’t insert themselves in this race but what about the Communists?

Then Tomi Lahren slammed the door on all of the whining:

Kellyanne Conway sent us to bed laughing our Ossoffs.