Dems: Desperate to Salvage Crumbling Black Coalition Turn to Maxine Waters to Respond to Trump’s State of the Union Speech

Elder Patriot – Bombastic, race-baiting California Democrat, Maxine Waters, will speak at the top of a BET News special after Trump delivers the State of the Union, according to report by BuzzFeed News.

You can’t make this sh*t up. 

As African leaders are praising Trump’s “honesty” in empowering their governments Dems’ have returned to plantation politics. 

Even as black unemployment has plummeted to record lows and wages have begun to rise, Desperate Dems’ are turning to a race pimp to try to shore up what remains of their base.

Do they really want to go there?  Waters has been in Congress since Reconstruction – or so it seems – and the people of her district remain among the poorest in America.

She has cultivated a ghetto dialect and mannerisms to match.  She’s a real woman of the people until you learn that she has been in Congress since 1991 and the people she represents still live in squalor.

Seriously, is this the face of Black leadership they want to present their interests to the broader American viewer after they accrued $20 trillion in debt on programs that were supposed to pull them along?

Following Waters a panel discussion is planned on the topic: “Building black politics and the value of engagement across today’s socio-political landscape.” 

That sounds like a prescription for furthering the politics of division.  If that’s the intent then choosing Maxine Waters – who has called President Trump a “scumbag” on national TV on multiple occasions and who began threatening Trump with impeachment without basis other than it excited the many ignorant malcontents she has cultivated in her base – then the effort should be successful.

The Dems may find themselves further alone on an island but at least they will maintain control of their urban plantations.