Dem’s Claim Impeachment Case Hinges on the Testimony of John Bolton Who They Previously Said “Lacked Credibility” Before Deciding not to Call as a House Witness

It’s become apparent that within the past week former National Security Advisor John Bolton has burned whatever credibility he had left to the ground.  

On January 23, 2020, the National Security Council, the same group that gave us the so-called “whistleblower” and Alexander Vindman, both intent on removing President Trump, sent this letter to Bolton’s lawyers:

“Based on our preliminary review, the manuscript appears to contain significant amounts of classified information.  It also appears that some of this information is at the TOP SECRET level…

… Under federal law and the non disclosure agreements your client signed as a condition of gaining access to classified information, the manuscript may not be published or otherwise disclosed without the deletion of this classified information.”

Three days after being denied the authorization he needed to publish the raw manuscript the New York Times described, in its own words, a leaked copy of the manuscript.  Where have we seen this before?

Was the manuscript leaked by members of the NSC who had dutifully covered their ass three days earlier?  

Was it leaked by a vindictive Bolton who apparently is intent on bringing Trump down after having been fired by him earlier this year?

Or, was it leaked by Adam Schiff (Marxist-CA), whose connections to corrupt members of the NSC has been well documented, in order to establish Bolton as a “must hear” witness in order to extend these sham impeachment hearings.

Schiff has beating the drum for Bolton to appear despite refusing to call him during the House’s impeachment inquiry.

For his part, according to Schiff himself, Bolton would be called to provide worthless testimony.

Schiff, during a May 2005 appearance on CNN’s Crossfire discussing George W. Bush’s nominee to become Ambassador to the United Nations: 

Schiff: … why we would pick someone who the very same issue has been raised repeatedly, and that is John Bolton’s politicization of the intelligence … 

… why we would want someone with that lack of credibility I can’t understand?

Schiff impugned the man he now claims would be his star witness again during an appearance with Rachel Maddow in March 2018 after President Trump had appointed Bolton his National Security Advisor:

Schiff: “This is someone who’s likely to exaggerate the dangerous impulses of the president toward belligerence, his proclivity to act without thinking, and his love of conspiracy theories.” 

“And I’ll, just add one data point to what you were talking about earlier: John Bolton once suggested on Fox News that the Russian hack of the DNC [Democratic National Committee] was a false flag operation that had been conducted by the Obama administration.”  

This Marxist pile of Schiff will eat those words, in short order.

But, if Schiff insists on having Bolton testify, any testimony he gives that contradicts this statement that he made after President Trump’s phone conversations with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy,  would be useless…

Bolton: “I will be meeting President Zelenskyy.  He and President Trump have already spoken twice.  President Trump called to congratulate President Zelenskyy on his election and then on his success in the parliamentary election.

“They were very warm and cordial calls.   

“We are hoping that they’ll be able to meet in Warsaw and have a few minutes together because the success of the Ukraine, maintaining its freedom, its system of representative government, a free market economy free of corruption…”