Dem’s Bar Fox News From Hosting Even One of Their Twelve Debates – Here’s What They Afraid Of

Elder Patriot – If you’re asking yourselves why Democrats would avoid showcasing their candidates on the cables news network that regularly draws the largest audiences the answer becomes clear when you consider just how far left the indefensible policies that will be promoted are going to be:

Party leader, Tom Perez wants to hide the socialist/communist shitshow and mudslinging contest that these debates are almost certain to devolve into.

Perez knows he must keep the debate questions highly scripted, something he can’t count on Fox News to oblige to do, because even the most superficial questions will expose the ignorant, uninformed and dangerous positions his candidates have been staking out.

Perez is simply drawing from marketing 101.  When you’re selling an overpriced product that has little chance of meeting buyers expectations – think Obamacare – you have to keep the details hidden.

NBC News political reporter Jonathan Allen immediately realized the absurdity of Perez’s decision:

Any doubts that Perez is playing to his party’s fascist base is dispelled after reading the tweets that follow Allen’s tweet above.

By comparison, Trump may trash the left wing propagandists that comprise a large percentage of the left wing media but he has never stopped fielding their questions.

The NY Times’ Maggie Haberman raised the specter that Perez feels it best the Dems might be better served hiding their agenda for as long as possible:

If members of the mainstream media were interested in promoting honest and open debate they would boycott the debates themselves in defense of the free speech of their colleagues that Perez seeks to silence.

That they won’t speaks volumes as to their intent to participate in rigging the general election.

Once the Dems’ shitshow tour finally convenes at the Democratic National Convention in mid-July 2020, and the general campaign begins in earnest, we should expect the mainstream media to ignore everything but the most superficial policy discussions – recall the treatment given to Obama in 2008:

After squandering months of opportunities to ask the tough questions of and about candidate Barack Obama they admitted they knew nearly nothing about the man they’ve promoted to run the free world just one week before the election.