Democrats Unhinged

Elder Patriot – Prior to last night’s National Championship game Alabama’s Bo Scarborough was caught yelling “F*ck Trump” as the team made it’s way through the tunnel on its way to the field. 

The Sporting News posted a video of Scarborough’s unseemly public use of profanity:

That would be sad enough if it was the act of a single misguided young man.  It wasn’t.  It’s an attitude that is festering on the Left and it endangers our democracy.

On the outside of Mercedes Benz stadium the Democrat-Socialists of America had used a giant projector to blast the same message to everyone entering the stadium – including every little kid who saw it.

The DSA could be dismissed as a radical fringe group owing their origins to the Nazi party in Germany.  The only problem was that the DeKalb Country Democratic Party – the largest political party in DeKalb according to registration records – tried taking ownership of the projected message.

A few hours later the DSA took to twitter to challenge the county’s mainstream Democrats assertion.

The whole sordid episode wasn’t just distasteful, it exposed the entire Democratic apparatus for what they are – neo-Nazi fascists.