Democrat’s Resistance Fails – Support Collapses

ELDER PATRIOT – An ABC News/Washington Post poll released this morning reveals that support for Democrats has continued to collapse since the election of Donald Trump.  While their strategy of outright resistance to everything the president is doing – things he promised to do if he were to be elected – has been somewhat successful in depressing Trump’s approval rating, the poll finds that Democrats are committing suicide in the process.

The poll finds that fully two-thirds of the American electorate feel that Democrats are completely out of touch with their concerns.    Outside of Blacks, Muslims and South and Central America immigrants there is very little support for today’s radicalized Democratic Party.  Once considered the defenders of America’s working class, today’s Democratic Party has been openly hostile to them and can no longer count on their support.

Even more depressing for Democrats, who have been routed in the last three national and state elections, is evidence that things are promising to get worse for them. 

If they are counting for the pendulum to swing back in their favor simply because it always has in the past they are going to be very disappointed.  With policy positions that promise to make our country weaker and more divided Democrats should not expect a change in their fortunes.

Hidden in the internals of the poll is more bad news for the Dems: Trump would win the popular vote if he ran against Hillary today.  While 96% of Trump voters assert they would vote for him again if the election were to be held today, only 85% of Hillary Clinton’s supporters felt the same way.  That means in a hypothetical rematch Trump would win 43% of the popular vote to Hillary’s 40%.

The Democrats have offered nothing constructive to the legislative debate preferring to resist and denigrate President Trump at every turn.  Republican House and Senate opposition to Trump has likewise left that slice of the electorate almost as dissatisfied with the GOP.

That leaves Trump, after withering attacks from all sides, the most popular person in Washington.