Democrats Introduce Transparency Bill – Exempt Themselves

( – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi introduced legislation on Friday that would require the president and vice president and candidates for the presidency and vice presidency to release their tax returns.

However, in a show of grand hypocrisy, that only Congress’ dwindling sycophant base would accept, the bill would not require members of Congress or candidates for Congress to release their tax returns.

This is not the first time that Comrade Pelosi called for the release of Donald Trump’s personal tax returns.

During an April 6, 2017 presser Pelosi promoted similar legislation that would have required the president—but not members of Congress—to release their tax returns:

At that time, Pelosi said:

“It’s not a right to privacy that the President has.  He’s the president of the United States. There is a question about a Russian connection, politically, personally, financially, to the president; there’s concerns about recent actions by the Chinese government in relation to the Trump Organization.”

Hmm?  If innuendo is all that’s necessary to trigger an investigation, then how about releasing the tax returns of corrupt Senator Dianne Feinstein who had a Chinese spy on her payroll for 20 years.

Or how about the tax returns of corrupt Senator Mark Warner who really did collude with the Russians?

I’m also pretty sure a majority of Americans would like to see Bill and Hillary’s returns as well.

Amazingly, Pelosi tried justifying her request because Congress was already supporting a CRA (Congressional Review Act) bill allowing the sale of all of every bit of your personal information that could be gleaned online.

See how that works?  Rather than put that genie back in the bottle, Dems want to expand the surveillance state even further.

Democrats only want this information for two reasons; (1) to provide more fodder to further the public witch hunt by the propaganda media since there’s little doubt that the Obama administration already had the IRS comb through Trump’s returns, and (2) to punish (through boycotts and public shaming by Antifa) anyone associated with President Trump.

Back in 2017, when Democrats in Congress first called on President Donald Trump to release his tax returns, Roll Call called on all 535 members of the House and Senate to release theirs also.

Only 6 members of Congress released their tax returns as requested back then. Another 6 had released theirs previously.  But a whopping 473 hypocrites, er, members refused to release their tax returns and refused to answer questions as to why.

Roll call reported that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was among the unseemly high number (84%) of hypocrites who demanded Trump release his tax return but who had not released their tax returns.

The fact is, Forbes has reported that Trump has already lost close to a billion dollars in net worth since assuming the presidency while virtually every Senator and Representative of both parties become multi-millionaires, some many times richer than that, during their years in office and afterwards.

Using that barometer, if anyone is selling influence it isn’t Trump, but rather the establishment politicians (swamp scum) who represent the interests of the global cabal – multinational corporations and international bankers – that has trillions of dollars riding on neutering the Trump presidency.  

It’s time for Americans to demand that Congress makes no law that applies to any citizen of the United States – including the POTUS – that does not apply equally to the Senators and Representatives.