Democrats’ Implausible Claims Becoming Hard to Swallow

ELDER PATRIOT – Listening to the Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee lecture us about the threat Russia poses to our Democracy made me want to puke. 

Obama headed the executive branch of our government for the eight years leading up to last November’s elections.  That means he controlled every aspect of our national defense and our intelligence agencies over the time period leading up to those elections. 

How in the name of God could Donald Trump have any responsibility in this intelligence failure? Any failure of either the military or the intel agencies because of Russian interference prior to Trump taking office on January 20th – and logically for some after as Trump was waiting for his appointments to be confirmed – can only be blamed on Obama, and now the Democrats’ who are still defending him. 

The same Democrats attacking Donald Trump yesterday had formerly been responsible with oversight of the Obama administration about those very same matters.  Why did they remain silent while the Russians were infiltrating and exfiltrating our electoral system, especially since all of the things being alleged yesterday happened before Trump was elected? 

It takes hubris to blame your failures on your political enemies unless you can count on lots of help from the MSM and from the Deep State.

For decades Republicans warned about the threat the Soviets and then later the Russians posed to our democratic institutions.  And, for decades the Democrats told us we were hopelessly crying wolf.

Now under the Democrats’ watch the Russians, according to career intelligence agents, have hacked into our voting system. 

So, Mark Warner, the Democrats’ ranking member with 6 years on the Senate Intel Committee, wants to blame Trump for his failure.  It’s a level of arrogance that would be impossible to conceive of if Warner and his Democrat cohorts weren’t assured that the MSM would do everything to sell it for them.

This didn’t escape the attention of longtime Democrat pollster Pat Caddell who commented that, “they (the MSM) have invested themselves in a political result, not in telling the truth.”

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that is a clear and present danger to our democracy.  But that doesn’t seem to matter to these Democrats.  It almost seems as though they are working with the Russians to undermine President Trump and America.  Doesn’t it?