Democrats House Intel Committee: Day 1 Recap

ELDER PATRIOT – This morning’s session was a tale of two ideologies.

The Democrats appeared intent on getting ahead of the F.B.I.’s investigation presenting evidence they believe pertinent as though our intelligence agencies would somehow miss these things.

They used their time to advance the narrative that Trump and those he’s surrounded himself with are Russian agents.  That would expand the scope of the investigation that is currently limited to Russia’s interference in our election.  I

But hey, I’m all for learning the extent of Russian influence in Trump’s White House.  Of course, as I listened to the Democrats lay out their evidence, I found myself also hoping that the investigation would include a similar widening into Hillary Clinton’s associations.  A couple of examples:

Democrats acted aghast at the fact that Michael Flynn had received $35,000 and travel expenses for a speech he gave in Russia.  Ahem, can anybody say Bill and Hillary Clinton whose speeches garnered for them tens of millions of dollars, much of that from foreign entities???

They seemed similarly appalled by the fact that Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort received payment from a Russian entity for consulting with Vladimir Putin.  Fair enough.  That’s something worth looking at. 

While the F.B.I. is investigating that perhaps they can also take a look at Clinton’s campaign CEO John Podesta’s $35 million investment in a Putin-connected energy company. Podesta was also granted a seat on the board of directors.

In fact, why didn’t Democrats take a hard look at Mrs. Clinton herself who received massive campaign support from a number of foreign governments including Saudi Arabia.  Considering the widespread failure of Mrs. Clinton’s Middle East policies wouldn’t it be worth studying if she had a financial motivation for the mess she left?

Personally, I’d like to hear Mrs. Clinton’s explanation for accepting at least $35 million from Russian interests for her agreement to transfer 20% of our uranium stocks to Russia.  After all, if the Russians are as big and bad as the Democrats now contend they are how did this escape the notice of Mrs. Clinton, who as Secretary of State stood fourth in line to the presidency?

The Democrats might be on to something but in the ever more connected world that they have helped create it might be hard to not have international involvements that could later be twisted to make someone look bad. 

I have come to know this from firsthand experience.  I have a cousin who couldn’t be more loyal to this country and he once opened the first American haberdashery in Moscow.  He employed a number of people who he came to respect and whose friendships he cherishes until this day.  When they visit the United States they always make it a point to break bread with him.

The broader these investigations the better for President Trump’s promise to Drain the Swamp.  That is, if Trump himself is clean.