Democrats Get Wakeup Call From Amazon: Rising Star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Her Growing Congressional Coalition Will Destroy The Democratic Party

Elder Patriot| Democrats Get Wakeup Call From Amazon: Rising Star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Her Growing Congressional Coalition Will Destroy The Democratic Party

Well, that didn’t take long.

Democratic Party leaders are finally hip to what the rest of us recognized from the beginning – their new rising star, the one with the growing power base – is set to destroy the entire party.

She was the precocious wunderkind until her progressive rhetoric, founded in populist economic illiteracy, was among those that forced Amazon’s decision to abandon their plans to build a second corporate headquarters along the Queens waterfront.

When Amazon pulled up stakes, New York lost 25,000 jobs.

Why did Amazon decide to abandon the project they had already sunk a massive amount into?  There were a number of reasons and AOC was at the center of every one.

One reason for Amazon’s decision to cancel its plans to build an entire corporate campus in New York City came after left-wing activists and politicians demanded that the company advance their immigration agenda and to not cooperate with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

This was the price the radical leftists within NYC’s Democratic Party were expecting to extract in exchange for nearly $3 billion in government subsidies.  Amazon refused to be extorted.

AOC has been an outspoken critic of ICE and has sought to defund the agency.

There was more.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez’s claimed the company was guilty of poor working conditions without ever having visited one of their locations.

Perhaps because AOC couldn’t take the chance that what she found – high productivity – might conflict with the goals of the workers’ paradise she seeks.

There was also a problem AOC found with the $3 billion in tax incentives that had been negotiated with Amazon to help ease their investment in NYC.

Amazon, a company with a proven track record and revenue stream.  Besides the 25,000 jobs that would have been a boon to the community, Amazon was projecting generating $27 billion in tax revenues.

All of that was lost because AOC didn’t understand the economic facts of life.  That the $3 billion dollars wasn’t coming out of any current pot of revenues. It would have been spread over 10 years and would have only reduced Amazon’s tax bill, not eliminated it.

Instead she complained that if the city had $3 billion to give away – it doesn’t – the money should be invested in hiring teachers and fixing the subways.

AOC somehow sold her followers on chasing eight times that amount – $24 billion – out of NYC.

The moron aka AOC, sorry but there’s no nice way to otherwise characterize this arrogant time bomb, actually celebrated this as a victory!

25,000 jobs for New Yorkers, pftt.

Even Cher gets it:

Now that the damage has been done, Big Boy Democrats are sifting through the carnage of their newest media sensation.  Damage that we warned them would be coming:

Carolyn Maloney, the Democratic Congresswoman from Long Island City where Amazon had been planning to locate is only now speaking out.  Where was she when the deal still could’ve been saved?

To be sure, Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t wield that kind of power by herself, but her twitter following alone provides a giant megaphone for her equally radicalized left-wing compatriots who do have that kind of power.

Watch Morning Joe and Donny Douche commiserate over the so-called centrist wing of their party having lost all control over their children:

How else can you explain Governor Cuomo and Mayor DeBlasio’s ineptness at closing this deal?

Think Speaker Pelosi will be held hostage like this?  She put her on the influential House Financial Services Committee ignoring the fact that she is a first termer.  Pelosi had full knowledge of AOC prior to her appointment.

Pelosi also has the authority to remove her from that powerful committee, but she hasn’t.  Nor, has she threatened to do so as a means of getting AOC to back off.

Coupled with radical socialist Maxine Waters as the committee chairwoman, Pelosi has left wing extremists working to undo President Trump’s successful economic agenda.

The fissures within the Democratic Party are real and only going to get worse as its candidates trample each other to get as far left as possible:

Just one question for these wackos, after you chase away all sources of revenue how do you plan on paying for all the extravagances that you keep promising your voters?  The answer is you don’t.